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  1. Yeah, talk to Foxfire, MCC is the way to go. It's definitely a Guffie-worthy location.
  2. Just how much battery power do you need? Something along the lines of a slim 7.4v 1200-1300mA LIPO would fit under the dust cover, and would last you a couple thousand rounds. But like Harv said, post pics.
  3. I can see that. I sold my ICS CXP to Odoyle because ICS didn't come up with the parts I wanted until 2 years after I sold it. Real remorse set in when he shot me with it in a few games
  4. Neb'll do well as a mod as he's not afraid to play devil's advocate. He's also good at presenting the "no you shouldn't do that" in a pretty reasonable matter. I'd also like to see Noxtoof or Wichita in a slot, for some younger people. I'm not getting younger either, and once we get our kid I'm going to have to scale back way more than I already have.
  5. Hey Tek, you got your gearbox figured out yet?
  6. It'll probably be years, if ever, if we'll get to have events in a military facility around here, or anywhere in the country. What really grinds my hears here is ethics. LC, MSW and CA are pretty much different products to begin with, so JL had no reason to pull crap like that. That Bubba got caught in the crossfire makes me mad. Sure, meeting some famous people in LC events was awesome, and the highlight was meeting and getting Col McKnight's autograph on my copy of Blackhawk Down, and other than that it's just to go on events where Bubba yells at me to do stuff anyway. I've been to four LC events and I've realized that I've somewhat gotten bored with the format, and I'm disappointed that rather than trying to take a risk to make changes that would entice me to come back, he'd sabotage someone else to make himself the only game in town. Not only has he shot himself in the foot, he's taken pretty much the entire airsoft community down with him. Even if he makes changes to events, it's too late. I will not support a guy who acts like that. I won't be burning my patches either. They'll remind me of the good times I've had, and nothing else.
  7. Anyone have 2 or 3 extra bags of Bioshot BBs they want to part with and will be at MCC on April 30? Somehow I used up every single .25 I had.
  8. Hey Turdbird, I'd suggest getting a JG AUG instead. The QC on it is better, and has better plastics too. As for the M4 platform, look into a Krytac or ICS as well. Both of these have really solid reliability out of the box, and are easy to work on internally. The catch with the ICS, however, is that the externals are somewhat proprietary and require a fair amount of work to do any mods (eg rails).
  9. The video is blurry on this, but should give you an idea on what's going on. Maybe it'll help you diagnose whether it's not a locked gearbox too.
  10. I'd take the time to include event details. Look, I'd assume the event details have already been written down. It only takes a few more moments to cut and paste that information to this thread. Lack of basic information as such tells me I'm not respected as a customer, nor that he cares to take care of the customer. Seriously, at my job, if I showed up with a presentation like this to my director I'd get my ass fired.
  11. OK, so I noticed a couple of events that overlap other events. I'm not going to go into why that happened, but I'm going to be nice and assume you just failed to notice. To avoid this in the future, use the calendar feature so that Rob put in just to avoid conflicts like this! If you look in the upper right corner, you'll see the tab marked "Calendar:" It'll open up the Calendar page. From there, you can view everybody's birthdays and events that have shown up on the calendar. We want to set up an event, so hit "Add Event." Then next page will allow you to create your event. Fill in the form, post it, then open up a new thread on the Indiana Games thread to post your event description. And there you go. A WORD OF ADVICE: This commits you to holding an event on this date. As a courtesy to other EOs, please do not create an event that would conflict on the same day, especially if the prior event had been created sooner. If you're in a different region, you might want to coordinate with the other EO too, just to make sure. Mistakes happen, but the calendar will be a major help. You've been warned. At this point I reserve the right to call you names for failing to post your event properly. God forbid if Harvest beats me to the bat. On the other hand, don't spam the calendar with events you do not intend to hold, or just to fill up the boards to prevent other EOs from posting up. This will result in having your event privileges revoked permanently. I've taken a few moments to post up everyone's local events that are on the boards so far. Hopefully this'll help prevent any scheduling conflicts in the future. Thanks!
  12. Please note that this has been postponed to October 7 - 9.
  13. Uh, Foxfire had this day allocated too. Look, not putting you down here, but it might help to see what else is scheduled before putting a date on. This will hurt attendance at both events.
  14. Just so you know, FoxFire has an event scheduled this day as well. He posted this up a few months back.
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