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  1. In regards to HPA. What if you don’t have a tank and use a wraith stock? The use co2 capsules and an internal regulator.
  2. Oh, I’m not letting this go. The review in the bad sellers section for mutinous creations is this shop. Thought you guys could read how everything went down since they are trying their shit again here.
  3. Honestly, you guys are better off going with tacticalgearjunkie.com they are out of Winchester Kentucky, the do vinyl, pvc, and fabric. They have fast turn around times and will do small batch orders. Like 5 or less if they know you. I’ve done business with them for over 7 years after Bree at the mutiny shop, and I had a disagreement here, and the fact that patches were never made or delivered. Ask for Joe at tacticalgearjunkie.com and tell him you are a friend of Dallas’. Because I like referrals damn it.
  4. Echo


    I’ve got some serious coin in this. Has a wolverine reaper in it, and the gun is set up for semi and 3rd burst. Has a metal side folding stock and an r hopped barrel and hop up. The reaper is so efficient that you will actually get more distance out of your rounds below 1 joule than if you were runn8ng this gun at 1.88 joules. It’s crazy, and you wouldn’t believe how much more you get out of your air source. Pics by request. I will let the gun with the engine and 7 mags go for 500. The only things I’m looking for in trade are a mk18 or a 416.
  5. Looking at the weather report for the weekend. If its correct or still viable for Saturday, they are calling for thunderstorms. Honestly, if its pouring down rain, I’m out, but we will see what the weather is going to do.
  6. Holy crap! Iceman is going to make it up? Wtf? Is he bored? Lol
  7. All of Blackwatch....but we always bring uniforms for both sides, so you never really know what we are doing......then again, neither do we.
  8. Let me know if you want the nozzle. It has a npas in it, but I don’t have the adjustment tool. I might be able to find one in box of spare parts though. Just PM me.
  9. If you shove it out a little further than May 11th, you might have a better chance of getting some of the northern guys there. We are hitting mutual combat for a game at the end of April, and then to turn around and come back in 2 weeks might not be feasible. We have pandora at the beginning of June up north, so maybe sometime before that if possible, or maybe the end of June if there isnt any major events going on?
  10. Temps below 60-55 degrees are not ideal for that gun. You can run co2 mags, but you need to have upgraded internals and co2 still has a huge cool down cycle. Makes sure if you are using propane you are adding oil to the mag about every 3 mags. You have to keep the o rings internally lubed up. When you fill the mag, make sure you are holding the nozzle on until it stops making the “filling” noise, and then another 5 seconds.
  11. If you already have a loaner body, you’re probably looking at 5-600. However, it’s a 1 time investment and its adaptable to all play styles wether that be field, cqb , or playing long range DMR style. It’s not for everyone, because most people don’t want to shell out the cash, but those of us who have are very happy.
  12. Have you heard about our lord and savior “HPA”? Lol. No sewing machine noise, can be fully suppressed, and little to no maintanance for a year at a time. Also, before anyone says, “but you have a tank and hose”, I’ve been running without a tank and hose for 3 years on co2 capsules, so your argument is invalid.
  13. They may have made adjustments to the system since I stopped running one 2 years ago. So if the buffer feels light, then its probably an upgrade. The old ones were a little heavy. I have a spare nozzle at the house if you want it. I assume you’re still in whiteland? The NPAS is adjustable, just a pain to do. As for guns. There isnt any difference internally to the M4 over the 416. They are exactly the same. It’s literally just a body preference. The nice thing about the 416 is that you can do a long or short outer barrel. The inner barrel is designed for the short configuration, and it does make it nice when you add a suppressor. No matter how hard you try, and foam filled suppressor will not quiet down a GBBR. Tried, and nothing helped. The other person to contact about GBBR’s is whiplash. I’m pretty sure he still has him M4 DMR, and it was bad ass. He could reach out and touch you from about 230 feet easily. Hell, it might even be for sale.
  14. I’ve had about 4 or 5 of these. Npas is the way to go, but will make your loading nozzle and little more fragile. Gas mags have gotten better in design, but semi is the way to go when using them. They also have a few advances in tbb, and hop up buck8ng and nubs that give you some real distance and accuracy now. When you have the cash you can run the RATECH aluminum bolt, but it’s expensive. You will also want to run a lighter buffer with that bolt to help with your gas consumption.
  15. It makes me sad the way the FB pages have killed forum traffic. It use to be exctic to track down games to travel to. It also use to be a real community. FB, is the devil! Learned that from Bobby Bouchés mama.
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