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  1. BTW the Special speed loader is still at IIA for those mags, come get it whenever, Just bought some Biovals from him great deal, great guy
  2. FN Pope

    Lancer Tactical Bbs

    I did not have the best experience with the LT bb, IIA bought some to use in our rentals...lets just say we have gone back to EF. Now they worked perfectly fine in my P* just not in our KA rentals. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Jerry whats funny about that is I talked to Trigger upon returning to IIA, The video looks great guys provided there are no birthday parties at IIA that weekend Ill be there with the rest of IAM
  4. FN Pope


    Good to see you on the forums!
  5. Ive had the chance to handle a PTW and also a CTW both seemed great were amazing to shoot, only thing that has bested either in trigger response has been the P* I have handled, and honestly if fired side by side I doubt there would be a difference. I thought long and hard about picking up a PTW when before I built my P* and there are some days that I wish I had gone with the PTW. Guess Im getting off topic a bit, from the bit of time I have had with both the PTW and the CTW I loved them both, but I cannot speak to their longevity, they shot well when they were in my hands and the system itself is incredible, after you make accommodations for their little quirks, at least thats the way it was described to me when I was looking for info on them, hope this helps.
  6. Peli that is a great idea...or even say a 24hr even with no guest
  7. UMM...if the gods could shine on us in a rather amazing way, the old airport terminal...but there is not a snowballs chance in hell of that happening
  8. As much as I would like to be there duty calls, shall be at IIA all day...with all the players having a meeting...thats going to be a long dull work day indeed...maybe some of you can swing by and keep me company afterwords
  9. Its 13 for the Gas...and I should arrive around the time the night game starts, unfortunately I will not be playing the night game but I will be there that night
  10. No to the triple open top mag pouches, Starblade the RSA is on my list to grab and TP I will be sure to grab GG...MODS hope Im not breaking any rule here with posting this up....just figured I could help a few guys out this way
  11. If there is anything that you guys think you might need for BFX that you do not already have and IIA carries it please shoot me a PM, I have a few things at the field that I need to grab and if there is something you need let me know and I will bring it down, Just figured I would throw this out there for those in need.
  12. Ive got one standard Pmag that i found at the field...been in lost and found for months, if you want it you are welcome to it
  13. Guys bare with me here, I will be taking over this sale and have a new post up of everything that is still left, just makes it easier since spectre is no longer active, Ive been crazy busy with preparing for BF, so I have not had time to make the necessary donations and make a post about what is actually left.
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