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  1. Thanks Rated R. John Lu returned payment, but has told me to check the forums which is still very misleading...
  2. Yes I saw that. But no where does it say this even has definitely been downgraded as of "x" date.
  3. I have all info recorded necessary, and will be emailing Lion Claws directly this evening. However I really should not have to email their customer service. If they truly have customer service then they should have contacted me before anything happened rather than making me find out for myself. They could have at least made an announcement about this change.
  4. Everyone, A heads up about the organizers of the Lion Claws series games. On May 15 myself and Jump Boots paid the event fee to attend Operation Liberty on July 11-13. I paid $160, and I believe he paid $200 due to the Alumni, and non-alumni price difference. Six days after registering (5/21/14) Lionclaws posted on the Liberty forum that the event might be going to a Lion Pride event rather than a 3 day operation.So I checked back on the forum again yesterday (5/31/14) and there was no update as to whether or not the even had been downgraded. So I decided to check what all came with the entry to this event again on the registration page, and when I checked that page I noticed the prices were now set to $60, and $80 for alum, and non-alum, as well as the even only being a single day event (7/12/14). After seeing that I posted on the Lion Claws facebook page yesterday 5/31/14 asking for a reason that no email had been sent out regarding the change of price, the shortening of the event, or even an option for a refund. As of the time of this post I still have not gotten a response regarding this issue, nor an email or a refund. I will update this post as I get work from Lion Claws regarding this issue. But other player please be cautious of this as they have now shown if they downgrade an event they might not give any warning or a refund payment. Here is the link to the Lion Claws forum page for Liberty: http://www.oplionclaws.com/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=176 Here is a snip of my paypal history proving the payment, and no refund as of today: (Best of USA Marketing is Lion Claws parent company)
  5. Joker please add Outlaw to the Eights side please
  6. WTS: -Tactical Tailor MPC in Coyote Brown, with condor hydro carrier and Tactical tailor GP pouch. $75+shipping. -4 Tactical Tailor Double M4 Mag pouches. I would like to sell for $20/per. P90 pouches NOT for sale...
  7. Yes sir they are. I forgot to update on the Mole 3 post sorry.
  8. I am always in for food. I will bring Jump Boots, and Outlaw.
  9. Jump Boots and I will be there a little late.
  10. For anyone wanting to go to a Lion Claw event they are hosting Op Lightning Strike at an abandoned mall in Milwaukee Wisconsin. A few guys from Indiana are planning on going. Here is the official Lion Claw forums for Lighting Strike: http://www.oplionclaws.com/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=143 This is the link to the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/571148682976277/?ref=br_tf
  11. Great job everyone who attended this OP. As this was my first time at Irene I will say overall I had a good time on a fantastic AO.
  12. Thanks for the help guys got a 5 set purchased. Mods please lock.
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