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  1. Non rail version, one non leaky mag included. Works great, just went back to a Marui vtac and want to thin out the collection. Asking $90 shipped. http://imgur.com/gallery/pgj6rjO
  2. Update, Neoscrox and myself will be there + 2 on civilian, we've got two other buddies rolling green for sure, and 1 who I'm unsure which ticket he bought, but I believe green as well. We're camping out as usual, gonna try to make it friday night but might not get there til saturday morning, work depending. I may also have to scoot a bit early saturday and return sunday if nobody will cover my shift saturday night. Feel free to stop by and say hi, just look for the bright green toyota hatchback.
  3. I'll be attending +2, possibly more. Looking at either civilian or green.
  4. I'm out for MSATO in mid April anyways. I agree with nox on a mid-summer date.
  5. Welcome back to the fold! Airsoft has certainly made major advances since you were last into the sport! We've got a few guys here that are whizzes with GBB, but they are an expensive platform to get into for sure.
  6. Third group is a good crowd to get in touch with. Fortunately for you Indy is the central hub of airsoft for the state, really good community in the area.
  7. Does a fifth of whiskey earn us any special.... Favors?
  8. Hobbyking.com Good batteries for a low price.
  9. Gonna be up front here, almost none of what's left is good for a beginner. It all needs some tech work, some of it pretty extensive in the case of the two m4's that are remaining. I would not feel right selling any of these remaining guns to someone just starting out, given that they're projects for someone with the inclination and time to fix them up. The only two that are fieldable right now are the svd and the kwa m9. If you'd like pictures of them, I'll gladly oblige, but note that the f2000 and the m4's really are not in fieldable condition at the present.
  10. F2000, svd, and the boneyard m4's
  11. Ak and combat machine m4 both sold. All mags and all 8.4/9.6 batteries as wepp for the ak and m4. All chest rigs sold. Helmet sold.
  12. Everything is OBO. Ak midcaps and mesh mask SOLD.
  13. Bit of a long story behind this one, but was asked by someone close to me to sell off a collection of guns/gear. Album of guns and gear: https://imgur.com/a/glf2Bbf G&G f2000: needs a buttpad and some sights. functions and feeds, is picky about mags though. Zero clue on upgrades. Asking $125+ shipping. Cyma CM028? metal gearbox, feeds. Will need a barrel extension or i can swap in a shorter barrel, your choice. $80 with a battery and 3 high caps. KWA m9 PTP: functions great, mags do not leak at all. gun and 2 mags $80+ shipping. A&K SVD: paint is coming off of this and will be repainted flat black. Functions, feeds, no idea on fps or any modifications. 2 mags. $75 + shipping. G&G combat machine: brand new, was bought and thrown in a closet. only fired to test function after its time in the closet. $120 + shipping, comes with battery, charger, high cap. extra mags available. Will gladly do a beginner package with this gun for a good price. scopes $10 each + ship, will include rings. 1 3-9x40, 1 3-9x50, and 1 4x? scope with adjustable focus but no zoom. All will include rings. evike red dot. only ever mounted, never fielded. $35+ shipping. suppressors: delta and happy will go together, delta is cw/ccw depending on the side, happy is cw, missing ccw endcap. endcaps and tubes are interchangable between the 2. $20+ ship for both. Valken extension is $10+ shipping. batteries: peq lipo +10 with any gun stick lipos ignore, they're too puffy for me to be comfortable offloading them. butterflies 5 ea. 2 stick 8.4's 5 ea. bipod $10 + ship. HK USP co2 mag. No idea if it works. free with any purchase if you want it. helmet $20 chest rigs $20 each. mask and ak mid caps are spoken for and SPF. dump pouch + 5 with any purchase. unpictured is a set of M/Short marpat BDU's and a M/R despat bdu jacket. $20 for the marpat. $5 for the despat jacket. Shipping on the buyer. TECH SPECIAL: there is also an ares amoeba and a lancer tactical gen 2 in the mix, unpictured. both are non functional right now. as best i can tell, the amoeba needs a motor and probably a hop unit, previous owner had feeding issues. LT is a mystery to me, i haven't cracked it open. Both + any spare parts i find, $100.
  14. #shouldernipple In all reality, it was a good game. Minor issues. One hell of a hit. Flared tempers. But overall that was a good game.
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