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  1. I had an amazing time at this game, in between of mag problems. People were very active in this game, and the lines were constantly moving.
  2. I am currently looking at buying my first gbb pistol, and would appreciate any input you guys could give me on what to get, and why. The review area is empty, but a few guns I'm looking at are the KWA KZ75, the KWA M93R, the kwa mp7a1, the kwa kmp9r, the KWA M1911 MKIV PTP, or the KWA M9 TACTICAL PTP. If you would like to tell me any goods or bads on these, or other pistols, your input will be gladly accepted.
  3. I have owned a KWA g36c, and apart from a evike selling me a 30A battery and it frying the motor( thanks evike for telling me it was 18A) it was fine, and lasted a whole year before the amperage overloaded the motor. I was running a 11.1 right out of the box without any issues, and it was by far the quietest gun I have ever heard apart from a springer. While kwa had my g36c, a teamate loaned me his RIS, and i must tell you that was an awesome gun, I used a 9.6, and it was incredibly accurate and powerful. The only problems I have encountered with kwa's are either from a third party item, or a connection coming loose from the motor, but a quick fix will keep it in place. I would buy another, but I am not much of a fan of m4's.
  4. Snakeoctavia


    Hello my name is Chris and I am a member of the black talons team in Terre Haute. I had the username twiztid on the other forum, but I have decided that was a poor choice of a name. My current weapons that I'm using are a rs type 56-1, and a KWA g36c. My gear (what little I have) consists of propper brand marpats, a neoprene marpat half-face mask, a matrix ciras vest, flakjak goggles, and various small items I may or may not use like gloves or a balaclava.. I became interested in the sport when black talons invited friends of the members, and I was a friend of a friend, but I knew a few people there, and I instantly fell in love with the sport, a few games later and I was an official member of the team. I bought my first gun, the g36c, and started practicing with them every weekend, and my first big game was noob day hosted by impact, and the next game I went to was Khon Tai Triangle which was awesome, I had a lot of fun at it. I have been playing for about two years now, and I have loved every second of it.
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