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  1. Oops.. forgot to clarify. All the mags are for m4/ar M4 pouches are spf
  2. Hk45 package has sold. lipos I believe are a brick type. Maybe small type? I bought them for my vfc scar and they were just slightly too long. If you want pics then please message me with your email and I will get those pics to you today after I get off work. I'm willing to work with any and everybody to work out prices. I'm a very reasonable man. Just check my reviews on here!
  3. Long story short. Promotion = no time for airsoft. I will sell everything I'm about to list for the price of $300 obo. I'd like to sell it all at once but will part out if need be. I need all of this gone yesterday. KWA HK45 w/ SD slide kit, original slide and barrel, 3 mags Tan molle strike platform (no hardware) Gun bag capable of fitting a SCAR sized weapon 7x MAG mid caps 7x VFC mid caps tan dump pouch tan MAP pack (i believe its flyye) 2x double-double m4 mag pouches 1x triple-double m4 mag pouch med-reg bdus in multicam, dcu, woodland as well as a multicam combat top merrel moab mid boots (size 10.5?) knight's style fore grip vfc m3x weapons light with pressure switch 2x tenergy 7.4v 1600mah lipos tan revision desert locust goggles fast helmet replica (missing a screw i believe) king arms vltor style stock in tan w/ buffer tube small tan belt Pics can be sent upon request. Computer won't let me attach pictures on here for some reason. Will send pics via email or text. Thank you all for looking. Happy Airsofting -Spectre
  4. Bump. Selling the pistol package for $150. I have marpat, despat, and multicam bdus. Multicam combat top. Medium regular sized. Tons of tan pouches for m4 mags. Dump pouch, utility pouch. I have a gun bag as well. Lots of m4 mid caps. Vfc and mag band. I'm willing to part with it all cheap so feel free to make an offer!
  5. Starting off, I can't seem to attach photos properly so if you want photos I'd be more than happy to email them to you. Anyways, I don't have the time to play currently and I'm moving so I need all the money I can get. I am selling my KWA HK45 w/ 3 mags. It will include the original box, manual and slide with outer barrel. It has been upgraded with a Shooter's Design slide and outer barrel kit so it now features proper trades. This retails for over $300 dollars so I'd like to get $200 but I am a little flexible on the price. I also have tons of other misc gear including mag m4 mid caps, vfc m4 mid caps, bdus, pouches, etc... For more detail on what I have and pictures, feel free to express interest to me through this post or message. Thanks for looking.
  6. If you or anybody you know has one, let me know...
  7. Spectre

    Hydration Carrier?

    Source hydration carrier is what i use!
  8. Starting this thread over again with pics now that I can get it to work. All that is included in the package is one ksc g17 with installed g&p slide kit which is a slide with correct glock trades, outer barrel and enhanced recoil spring. Also will include stock slide, inner barrel and recoil spring, two standard mags, one extended mag and original box. The lower is stippled and Is od with the slide being black. There is one whole where the previous owner drilled for a pistol lanyard but doesn't affect performance or ergonomics. At least not for me. Anyways, now for the pics! http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag30/ZeroDark30/Mobile%20Uploads/20131205_202031_zpstpsvprmm.jpg http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag30/ZeroDark30/Mobile%20Uploads/20131205_202105_zpssvhuxxb2.jpg http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag30/ZeroDark30/Mobile%20Uploads/20131205_202113_zps5b0x8agn.jpg http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag30/ZeroDark30/Mobile%20Uploads/20131205_202217_zpsuhmg0lq6.jpg http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag30/ZeroDark30/Mobile%20Uploads/20131205_202329_zpsdh7nanjh.jpg http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag30/ZeroDark30/Mobile%20Uploads/20131205_202407_zpsomlth2rm.jpg All in all I'd like to get $150 shipped out of it all.
  9. Pm me your email. I have issues getting pics on here for whatever reason!
  10. RRV is off the market. G17 still available!
  11. I'm sorry but I am not fluent in auto-correct...
  12. I am in need of cash to buy a new tv so I'm going to sell some things to ease the pain. Pics will be supplied on demand. Up first is my ksc g17. Works like a dream but has a cosmetic issue. There is a very small hole on the back of the grip near the magwell. Does not affect function whatsoever and can't even be felt when holding it. It has a stippled lower in OD and features a G&P upgraded slide and barrel kit. Will also include 2 standard mags and 1 extended mag. Looking to get $100 out of this! Also, I'm selling my like new eagle industries rrv. This rig has only seen at most 5-6 games and is in great condition. All my pouches were parted out so it will be just the rig itself. Also looking to get $100 out of this. I will also trade any one or both of these items for an hdmi compatible tv and will add a little bit of cash if necessary.
  13. Endgame, while he is a little late to the party here I believe it is still relevant. I made this topic so all could share what got them into our sport and where they stand today. I, personally, see no issue here.
  14. Come on. I know someone wants to rock out with this glock out...
  15. I'd recommend the latter. For me, it is so much better than a full face mask. Pope and myself have our mesh masks modded to clip directly into our helmets. Absolutely perfect.
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