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  1. Still got the mp7 up for grabs ? Pm me when you have a chance
  2. @archfiend got rid of that a few years ago.
  3. Thanks for the welcoming back gents. @ endgame i definitely remember that game for sure think i was the only one that day running with a bolt action lol @ hrturner yeah still have the field lol dont know how it looks havent been out there since the last time i played but if it isnt to bad wouldnt mind hosting in the spring.
  4. Well i have been inactive for the last couple of years and figured its time for a comeback! for those of you who are still around (when i was on here alot) its great to be back and looking forward to hitting more games with you. For those who are new my callsign is shadow picked it because i thought it was cool never had a reason beyond that. Im originally from portland indiana but now reside in berne indiana. Before i took a step away from airsoft i play for roughly 4 years mostly at my own field but i attended a few games here and there depending on the drive. But now that im making a comeback i plan to play much longer. Only major op. I ever attened was operation K.I.S.S some 3+ years ago in salem but nothing bigger than that. Im now currently running a KWA SR 7, diamond tactical vest and battle belt with drop leg holster. As far as camo i run m82 woodland mostly but i also have ACUs, and Multicam as well. Looking forward to seeing some old and new faces in the games to come and im glad to be back again!! Shadow out....
  5. welcome to the forum. I would recommend a bit more detail in your intro like what type of gear you are looking to run with as well as what type of weapon platform you are looking to get.
  6. copy that and ill be there i have plenty of vacation days for work so im in the clear lol
  7. @ trunk im just gonna pay at the gate much easier for me that way. and as far as roster all i have is green base so if i have to wait i will its no big deal.
  8. Had a great time slinging plastic today. Great field ,games we good. Didnt enjoy the confusion during the last game but we still made it work, The heat sucked also but its part of the fun in this sport. Was nice to finally put some faces to name and ill definitely be returning to this field again.
  9. Welcome to the forum ! Great post by the way.. good bunch of people here in this community and there are always events going on. Make sure to check out the events page to see up coming games.
  10. Welcome back royboy !
  11. Cancelled admins please remove when possible. Thank you
  12. Kinda short notice but i figured id give it a shot. Im planning to host a open play at my field this saturday April 6th at noon here in protland indiana. Nothing fancy just a way to kick off the season is all. I don't own a chrono so of anyone has one the wanna bring they are welcome to. Game start will be at 12:00 p.m. Endex: 5:00 p.m. Fps rules: Aegs: 400fps Dmr/sniper:450-600fps Engagement distance will be no less than 10feet anything under that will be a bang kill. Is an outdoor wooded area so please dress for weather and bring plenty of water. I have forgotten the address but will post it as soon as i get it. Game will be maxed at 20 people. Also death rags will be needed and game types can be picked by whoever has a good idea. If there is anything i missed besides the address please inform me. Shadow out.... Forgot to add engagement distance is 10 feet or more didnt clarify th at well
  13. Things get lost in the mail all the time it happens
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