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  1. Sounds like you need some cheap labor from a bunch of folks who need a place to play some more pew pew??
  2. I'll send you a PM.
  3. Your suggestion for centralizing and managing events is to decentralize and maintain posts on multiple sites? Interesting... This approach doesn't scale well at all and, without going into the past, led Indiana to where it is today. Personally have always felt that the organization a forum provides is infinitely superior to any of the 'social' media platforms. On a forum, you can go to one page here and see everything posted currently for the state of Indiana. Then you can go here to see everything outside of Indiana. Seems to be a ton easier than stopping at Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, pinterest, Twitter, . Trick has always been, as Joker mentioned, getting people to actually go to the links (and people to post their events as well). From an EO standpoint, a singular post on a forum that I link to on other 'social' media platforms is drastically easier. I can update game information and rosters, answer questions that will be posted in the thread so "in theory" others could read the thread and not ask the same question, all while saving me as the EO, TONS of time not having to duplicate effort across 10+ sites. I digress... Anyways, the new release of the forum's software does indicate the ability to log into the system through the use of social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, reddit, and even LinkedIn (this one seems odd to me). I haven't had a chance to mess around with it yet but it was recently posted to their page. Not sure if it'll help with the "distribution" or not but maybe it'll make the extra click easier to bear for the younger generation?
  4. There still doesn't appear to be anything about the game on the 11th.... Why don't we just plan to do what we've always done and have a dedicated day and central meeting place for the meeting? Like say the 25th of May at a pizza place?
  5. But your post would still be about planning a Halloween game right? Just because it's a new year doesn't mean that reviving the thread wouldn't be appropriate. Not sure how this example would dictate a new thread? Game planning is game planning regardless of when it happens. Yea if you originally put dates and what not, it might seem odd but if the purpose of the thread was for ideas on how to run a halloween game and you have more ideas for running a halloween game, that sounds like constructive additions to an already existing thread to me.
  6. Agreed here. Most mods let most necro posts slide so long as it's not a "I agree" type of response. If a post adds actual value, then by all means post! I do worry about the creating new topics part though. If a topic already exists and your comment/question doesn't further the discussion; How would it be appropriate for a new post? Serious question here too... I simply can't think of an example/
  7. Oh it's very important and extremely naive to write it off. Just because people aren't talking, doesn't mean there isn't value from the content on the forums. I'd go into a huge diatribe about this and the ADD society we live in today but it's not the place, See, now this is useful conversation... Obviously needs more than you and I discussing it but solutions go a lot further than complaints! The restriction was predominately put in place to keep folks from hopping on and then just posting in everything they could as many of the post from new folks fall into several issues but the main points are: They generally don't read the forum rules so the post stuff they shouldn't, they didn't search before starting a new topic, or they posted but didn't add anything of value to the thread (sounds mean but let's be honest it happens). - Personally still see value in a restriction of some kind before "free posting" - Raising the per day posts is pretty simple; Lowering the number of required is also simple -- Not sure which of these would be the better/smarter approach. Personally would lean towards the later but definitely a good community conversation - Probationary period can also be a day trigger as well but I'd have to check on this. In other words same restrictions still apply but after 25 post or XX days you get free posting rights. Eh spring is a slow time in the community normally anyways... Things usually pick up around now ( which you noted is currently happening... ).
  8. Not to rain on the parade, traffic hasn't really changed much believe it or not! Number of discussions has increased though. The forum really hasn't ever seen a low in quantity of traffic only in the amount of new discussion. Still bad, yes but acting like the forum was alone and abandoned is mis-leading, lol. What stops them from starting new topics? Serious question. I'm trying to get a pulse on the people in the sport these days. The post limits are easily changed but no one has wanted to have a discussion and propose ideas on how to combat spam without hampering legitimate people posting abilities. It's been merely a lot of complaining. Again, I'm all for correcting issues but we have to look at it from both sides. If we drop the post requirement, how to we combat spam? Believe me it will come back and it's not difficult to write things that crawl the Internet (I've done many non-malicious ones; mainly looking for memes. *Purely for academic reasons..... )
  9. Welcome sir. We have a whole section here as well dedicated to prop building and ideas. Hopefully some of it'll prove useful for you as well!
  10. Reddit has grown on me but only for crowd sourcing information and helping others with topics I can help on. Aside from that, it's for the laughs as there are some comedy gold subs on there! I'll refrain from de-railing the topic though!
  11. I should've known there was a sub-reddit... There's a sub-reddit for everything! The forum does provide us the greatest amount of flexibility on any platform. It's own by people not a corp so we can change/add things as needed; which is really nice!
  12. Sorry for the delay, been out of the country for the past two weeks... See I still don't get how anyone ever thought that.... Literally the founding of AI was based on the premise that the FIELD OWNERS dictated what happened on their property not a forum/community. AI never wanted to "rule them all". Now yes we do have forum etiquette rules but as long as those were followed, I don't recall anyone ever being beaten with a stick? The forum has never made money through anything (donations, seller fees, etc). I've floated the bills for ~8 years. The donations/seller fees have helped though. The forum isn't hugely expensive to maintain but it's not chum change either. I can get exact numbers if really needed but ballpark is about 300 a year (software maintenance, hosting fees, and domain registration). I'm all ears man! Seller fees haven't provided anything to the forum in about a year.... Image hosting for sale threads is expensive in both bandwidth and storage space add in that people will hotlink to this site as well and now we've really got a potential issue with resource utilization. As for dates, traditionally we've always done something in April but if that's no bueno, we could aim for May? I'd be happy to track down a place, get a room reserved, and get an official thread going.
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