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  1. Welcome back, I second what Nox said too... :LOL:
  2. Second Bear's comments! Really like the Tiger'isk stripe on the 60 too... Well done sir!
  3. hrturner


    I recall the name (as well as many of the other's you listed, haha). Regardless welcome back. Don't see many of those names anymore sadly though.
  4. Welcome! Facebook banned airsoft weapons quite some time ago. The forums do allow BST but I'm working on correcting the selling system. We recently updated to new software and some of the old stuff didn't carry over properly. Events are sporadic in Indiana. Some times we have several per weekend and other times (like the winter) you'll go months with one of two events total.
  5. hrturner


    Welcome... Not many still around from the IAA days. What name did you go under back then?
  6. Welcome sir! Cali to Indy is an odd move but welcome to the state never the less!
  7. Welcome Dr. Zoidberg! Man I miss that show.... I *think* there's a group of other's on here that also have a discord but I don't recall the link at the moment.
  8. Welcome back, again! Backpacking is always a good time. Not to derail but Knobstone is always worth the time!
  9. Welcome and yea the sport has been around a LONG time but wouldn't really say it's largely popular in Indiana. There's a lot of backyard stuff and some organized stuff every now and then. Back in the time frame you're talking about playing was arguably the beginning of the most active time in Indiana though! Regardless, welcome! Anything you can post about your field? Photos or similar?
  10. :( I'd be down but I'll be heading back to the state this date. Glad to still see the Circus in use though!
  11. hrturner


    Welcome. You commute from VA to play airsoft in Indiana?? That's some serious dedication!
  12. Mah bad... Got busy with the upgrade and forgot to send it... Inbound.
  13. Damn... That sucks. Still haven't figured out the need for stupid ROF on platforms these days. Always sad to see anything get ruined by stupidity though.
  14. So I'm so incredibly jealous right now that it's not even funny.... That one looks like it's seen a dremel or two sadly?? No experience at all but for super odd parts like this I usually have the best luck when trying the overseas vendors. Back in the day it used to be dentrinity, RWA, and the such but no idea who is the go to these days.
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