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  2. Rex

    In Need Of Ics M4 Parts

    Endgame, I have an ICS M16 body that you can just have if you are still interested. I
  3. Rex

    WTB HPA System/Gear

    I'm interested in dipping my toes into the overpriced, bulky, and line dependent world of HPA. I'm mostly interested in parts and equipment, not rifles, but I could be convinced otherwise. If nothing comes of this post, I'll likely end up buying into the P* Kythera system sometime this summer. I will only be interested in gear and systems I can inspect/test in person. I have cash as well as possible trades. Hit me with them DMs.
  4. Yeah I am pretty disappointed about all this but not much any of us can do about it. Going to go ahead and cancel this, may not get to host much at all this year. On this plus side it gives me more time to work on the Circus. ~Joker
  5. Joker

    [DATE TBD] - IMPACT Noob Day 14

    Date pending due to Covid-19. I apologize for the inconvenience. ~Joker
  6. Joker

    02-03MAY2020 - OP: Red Arrow at HTK

    The date for this event has been changed to 02MAY2020 thru 03MAY2020. Check out their FB page for the latest updates.
  7. Earlier
  8. Nox

    CYMA Thompson Furniture Real or Fake IDC

    Does it have to be Cyma furniture? Your best bet is probably to find a boneyard Thompson
  9. Sorry for the super late reply, the original field that this game was intended to be hosted on had to cancel, which made things a little unclear for how we would continue forward. Fortunately, a new field has been secured, but after all that's been going on with The Rona, this game will have to be postponed to a later date. The whole lockdown thing should be over by time May rolls around, but it would probably be better for us hosting the event and for players to wait until life returns somewhat to normal before trying to put on a semi-large event
  10. Joker

    Noverich SSG 10 A1

    While we appreciate your enthusiasm and sharing that with the rest of the class, do you care to elaborate? This was posted in the Spring Gun review section so I moved it. ~Joker
  11. hrturner

    WTB/T 2x LM4 + mags + extra for GBB AK

    If @PELI still floats around here, he used to have a ton. Not sure if he was looking to sell any of them though.
  12. Sigh... The first time in a long time that I have a free weekend and a global contagion cancels my plans... Good call though and hopefully this blows over soon so the summer months can be good times for all!
  13. It is with great sadness that I have the misfortune of having to cancel our event due to the continued spread of Covid-19 and the “recommendations” of isolation. And while we believe that most of our Airsoft players won’t directly be affected by this virus, they could be carriers of it that could affect friends and loved ones who may be high risk. Airsoft is based largely on honor and we believe the honorable thing to do is keep everyone’s safety in mind as we try and combat the Coronavirus as best as we can. Better to be safe than sorry and live to fight another day as they say. ~Joker
  14. As title says, I'm looking to get into AKs, amd eapecially gas ones. I'm looking for something semi-gucci/weaternized, at the very least with an ootic mount. I'll add pictures of my LM4s soon, but I have 7 mags total, two rifles, and an incomplete upper. One has been test fired, and I'll keep the optic if the AK isn't coming with one. The other has a "new" upper, and a heavy kick spring. Mags dont leak, both guns are accurate. Fun, but I'm looking to do an FSB or SOBR Terek kit. Hoping for an AK105, or something similar, 5.45 style mags if possible. I can throw extra cash in if it's super gucci, like FSB Alpha tier. Honestly, I'm hoping for that. Hoping for at least 5 mags, but I'll take what I can get. If worst comes to worst I'll take an AEG if i get a bettery with it. Again, willing to throw in cash. Name your price.
  15. Rex

    Noverich SSG 10 A1

    I feel enlightened. Thank you.
  16. Justice - airsoft

    Noverich SSG 10 A1

    I have a SSG 10 with >1 jouel spring
  17. Comrade Holland

    (DATE TBD) OP: Pacific Rimjob 2 RELOADED

    Hawaiian shirts ready for Blue, Black and Red
  18. Turns out they don't. Sorry can't make it!
  19. TK-04 OLLIE

    (DATE TBD) OP: Pacific Rimjob 2 RELOADED

    Any more details Nox?
  20. Oooohhhh a date that works! Looking forward to it.
  21. I plan on showing. I've never been to the field though. I'm local so I should be able to stay a good long time if I can.
  22. I MAY be able to make this +3. Depends if my extras want to make the drive back to Purdue right after the game.
  23. IMPACT Season Open IMPACT Open Play Date: 22MAR2020 Time: 11:00AM to 5:00PM Location: Joker's Circus in Bloomington IN (39.192064, -86.578140) Cost: Free Relaxed open play style games. Simple game types. The rules for this particular event will be very relaxed. We may or may not even chronograph weapons. Full seal eye protection is NOT required. However if you choose to wear shooting glasses I request that they at least have a retention strap. And if you still have not filled out an IMPACT waiver I do still need that. I noticed the lack of events so I'm trying to help out and give everyone another opportunity to pew pew. IMPACT Waiver: http://airsoftindiana.proboards.com/thread/72/release-form Feel free to use any props that are already out on the field for your games. As far as teams you guys can do green vs tan or just wear whatever you want and divide up on game day. Vehicles with 4WD should park inside the gate. Guns should be kept out of sight of the road and passing traffic. Please pick up after yourself, I don't want to find a bunch of trash on the field. The last one who leaves closes the gates. I reserve the right to cancel this event due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Copy and past to add or remove yourself from the roster. Roster: (0) ~Joker
  24. Joker

    [DATE TBD] - IMPACT Noob Day 14

    Info has been updated. Sorry for the odd color it was a C&P from my phone. 🤦🏼‍♂️ ~Joker
  25. Orion

    [DATE TBD] - IMPACT Noob Day 14

    I will for sure be able to make it out to something over Spring Break if you have an event then.
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