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  3. Oh, I’m not letting this go. The review in the bad sellers section for mutinous creations is this shop. Thought you guys could read how everything went down since they are trying their shit again here.
  4. hrturner


    Welcome. You commute from VA to play airsoft in Indiana?? That's some serious dedication!
  5. Mah bad... Got busy with the upgrade and forgot to send it... Inbound.
  6. What happened to that PM, hombre? Still need parts...or a fully assembled ICS M4 that no one really cares about...
  7. Tjkiller


    Hello from out of state. I grew up near Crawfordsville, joined the corps almost 30years ago, been gone ever since. I visit Indiana a couple times a year from Virginia, im also starting to travel for airsoft so here i am. Im an aeg/springer tech by night, LEO by day. Looking forward to playing in the Hoosier state. -Tjkiller
  8. Will do my best. If anyone is bringing radios, let me know.
  9. I work saturdays, boo! But hubs and the boys will he there. We were just talking about this at specops yesterday. I might come later depending on when I get out of work. It's a hop from home, and would like to at least photog some of it.
  10. I think I’ll make an effort for this.
  11. I’m sorry to hear about the health issues as that’s never fun to deal with. I do understand the event attendance issues as I think that’s been a struggle for everyone lately. I hope everything starts getting better for you all. Good luck. ~Joker
  12. Joker

    Hello there!

    Welcome back to the Madhouse. I look forward to playing Airsoft with you soon. Good luck acquiring your new kit and arsenal. ~Joker
  13. Depending on weather and my availability I plan on attending this event. ~Joker
  14. Original post on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1016908341836041/?ti=icl Date: Saturday June 29th Time: 9AM to 6PM Location: 2350 Old in-37, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States Cost: $25 This will be an Open Play type of Airsoft event. For more information and rules check out the event on FB. Feel free to post here if you plan on attending this.
  15. Honestly, you guys are better off going with tacticalgearjunkie.com they are out of Winchester Kentucky, the do vinyl, pvc, and fabric. They have fast turn around times and will do small batch orders. Like 5 or less if they know you. I’ve done business with them for over 7 years after Bree at the mutiny shop, and I had a disagreement here, and the fact that patches were never made or delivered. Ask for Joe at tacticalgearjunkie.com and tell him you are a friend of Dallas’. Because I like referrals damn it.
  16. Echo


    I’ve got some serious coin in this. Has a wolverine reaper in it, and the gun is set up for semi and 3rd burst. Has a metal side folding stock and an r hopped barrel and hop up. The reaper is so efficient that you will actually get more distance out of your rounds below 1 joule than if you were runn8ng this gun at 1.88 joules. It’s crazy, and you wouldn’t believe how much more you get out of your air source. Pics by request. I will let the gun with the engine and 7 mags go for 500. The only things I’m looking for in trade are a mk18 or a 416.
  17. Non rail version, one non leaky mag included. Works great, just went back to a Marui vtac and want to thin out the collection. Asking $90 shipped. http://imgur.com/gallery/pgj6rjO
  18. Hello friends! The name is Charlie. Havn't thought of a callign yet and figured that could come in time, but thought I'd be present on the forums in the meantime and change it later! I have been away from airsoft for the past 4 years or so and am considering getting back into the game, but it would be at least till August until I could get out to any events as I am in Omaha for the summer. I used to be on the forums as Rooks when I was in middle school and high school, but decided to change the embarassing name so as never to be associated with it again haha. At least you guys won't know about how I embarassingly just invented the callsign for myself and announced that: "yea...everybody used to call me that on my "squad" ya know... Cause like, i was in a squad... and they called me that... Just don't ask me what the squad was, or where we were from... but like, was totally in a squad..." Woops... Guess I never read targetpractice's Noob Info post about Humility! But we can just forget all about those days But anyways I'm happy to start fresh on the forums! I'm 22 years old and from McCordsville but will be in St.Meinrad, IN for the next four years. About 2 hrs South of Bloomington, 1 hour NE of Evansville. Sold most of my gear when I entered college, so would be starting from scratch with new guns and gear (which is also kinda exciting), but loved rocking a Sig 552 back in the day. Still discerning whether or not I'll be jumping back into Airsoft fully or not, but I'll be on the forums in the meantime! Back in the day I remember playing at the McCordsville field, White River Paintaball a few times, OP Patriot Pride @ Thompsons field in 2012, and OP Deephaven in Lebanon, TN in 2014. Happy to be back and hopefully meet and re-meet some of you soon! P.S. can somebody please tell me if I change my profile image... I have gotta get rid of that one hahahah P.P.S. sweet new forum design.
  19. I would like to thank everyone that had came to the field and the few that have been on and off help form the start many years ago. So due to health issues and the lack of attendance to the field and lack of support for the field. We will not have any games at mccordsville field in the near future Please do not just randomly show up to the house with guns and want to play. The people in the homes have nothing to do with the airsoft groups. Any information you’d like ask me. Someone made a google Business page for the field and some people today showed up to the house with guns wanting on the field. The field was never a business open all hours. Just for use on event days. I have since talked to google and the page will be down in 24hrs so it won’t be showed on google as a open field. Thanks
  20. Damn... That sucks. Still haven't figured out the need for stupid ROF on platforms these days. Always sad to see anything get ruined by stupidity though.
  21. We can always use more Airsoft photographers. Thank you for taking these. Looking forward to seeing you on the field and seeing more of your shots. ~Joker
  22. Half a million rounds though mine and still going.. mother of god this hurts just to see it. 5000mah 7.4 60c lipos the entire time to. All stock. Well guess I cant stay still going to box mag issures after all of that.. but the gun still runs.
  23. So this isn't a bad teching job or one of Holland's very enjoyable walkthroughs (I'm not that funny sadly). This is a flat out carnage thread. Hopefully one that serves as a warning. First off, ever seen an M60 gearbox fail? Welp, I've done the impossible. Picture speaks for itself. 40 hours of precision fine tuning and adjustments out the friggin window with this. Mildly aggrivating. Also, those that run support guns typically run very large and powerful batteries right? I'm guessing that you never gave thought to the microswitch and it's reaction to that 70c monster 11.1v lipo did you? Want to know what happens when you don't? Take a look. How this happened? The microswitch experienced excessive amperage from one of the brick batteries here which caused it to heat up, arc, and fuze the circuit close. With zero trigger input the gun ran away. All new meaning to the phrase "runaway 60." After the microswitch fuzed the stock wiring was unable to handle the excessive electric load, and in this instance, the actual tamiya bullet connections were the weakest link and welded themselves together and proceeded to then melt the connector body itself. The result, a 60 firing on its own without stopping while billowing smoke from the gas tube. Made it somewhat realistic! So if you run a support gun, make sure to keep your batteries on the lower discharge end until you rewire and install a bigger microswitch. This happened on a 10rnd burst test of the gun. Clearly the damage had already been done and my test pushed it to the failure point. All 3 60's here in the shop just got fully rewired today to bypass the stupid mosfet rof control with good automotive copper wire and 25A beefy micro switches. Once done, feel free to put that beast battery in and spray to your hearts content. Until then, keep it low, a runaway 60 is not a good thing.
  24. No dremel work on this girl thankfully, only 1M+ rounds and 10+years of heavy use and abuse between technicals, emplacements, and just plain humping. Original owner has retired her and moved on and I couldn't let it leave the unit, so here I sit with it. But, she needs A LOT of TLC which I have mostly completed now, just missing a receiver cover.....which is not an easy replacement. She will go under the knife and get the barrel shortened to the gas tube end, a retracting stock installed (like a 249 para) and then completed with a conversion to a Golf variant for weight savings. If you want the Bravo variant parts (heat shield and lower handguard with rails) i can hold onto them for you. Feel free to let me know. Did you ever manage to track down a TH or Iknoksu for yourself? I remember you looking for one. Since it is a TH, real steel should fit with minimal to no modification. A new 240 top cover from FN costs $1400+ so forget that. I checked gun broker and can get a stripped 240/SA58 top cover for $125-200, but it's stripped. I'd then have to source the retention pins on the rear, optic rail, and other assorted parts. Hell a damn pistol grip body pin costs $50-70 from FN. Pretty sure I could mine the material, smelt the ore, and cast my own damn body pins for less. But, I digress.
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