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  3. No problem man! Nope, no need to add silicone. The idea is that adding silicone to the propane will get the oil to all of the seals inside the gun, which isn't false, but if you just lubricate the seals yourself, you accomplish the same thing without compromising other parts if the gun. Rubbing alcohol is fine for the barrel but bad for the bucking. It dries out rubber, so if you need to clean it just use warm water and soap
  4. Thanks a lot for the feedback. This has clinched it for me, TM it is. I appreciate the tip. I had always wondered if it was more detrimental to the bucking/barrel to add silicone to the propellant. So, basically if I do regular maintenance on the gun I don't need to add silicone to the propane. The only advice I had found was, if you're going to use propane (which is way cheaper than green gas) you have to add silicone. Which leads to the next question, I've been using rubbing alcohol to clean out the barrel bucking, is that okay to use? Thanks again.
  5. May 26th is the last day. They are possible moving to a much larger location on the east side of indy in a few months. And the outdoor will soon but open tue-sunday with open plays every weekend.
  6. Update, Neoscrox and myself will be there + 2 on civilian, we've got two other buddies rolling green for sure, and 1 who I'm unsure which ticket he bought, but I believe green as well. We're camping out as usual, gonna try to make it friday night but might not get there til saturday morning, work depending. I may also have to scoot a bit early saturday and return sunday if nobody will cover my shift saturday night. Feel free to stop by and say hi, just look for the bright green toyota hatchback.
  7. Hell yeah, a GBB thread i can actually provide quality info on. I've always used a TM M9 as my sidearm and let me tell you, the extra $35 is WORTH IT. I've owned two of their Tac Master M9s and always ran them on propane. The first one i bought from Eagle back in 2011. It was very used, i'm thinking it was at least a few years old at that point. Part of the slide did break off during firing once, but it didn't affect the function at all. I'm thinking that i might have hit the slide or something which caused it to crack in that area. I used that M9 from then all the way up until early last summer when i bought a new one to replace it, and man, that thing is a baller. It's stock range and accuracy is consistent with friends' upgraded Glocks that i've compared it to. That extra $35 is really saving you money if you planned on doing performance upgrades. You are also going to get that TM build quality that really is as good as everyone raves it to be. Will you need to replace the slide? I wouldn't count on it. It's just the experience i had, but my first TM was used by me for 7ish years, and the only damage it suffered didn't even affect the performance. Just don't go installing harder recoil springs or using CO2 down the road lol. One tip that i find pretty beneficial: Don't add silicone to your propane. If you are good at working with your hands, break the gun down and lubricate the appropriate parts with a quality grease. When you add silicone to the propane, the silicone travels where ever the propane travels, meaning your hop up that requires friction to work properly is going to start getting oily and lose its effectiveness. Your barrel will also start to get oily which promotes the collection of dirt and dust inside it.
  8. Figure I'd update this since I heard new information from the owner RJ. The indoor will be closing down soon, they're wanting to focus more on the outdoor arena while they get a new location for the indoor. Wasn't told a date when they'd be shutting down the current location, but if you were wanting to check it out you should do it fairly soon.
  9. I mean....if people want to play aorsoft in the cornfields around the house im sure we can reinact some childern of the corn style scenes. I'll never say no to cheap labor, but this summer is shot. Got barns to get overhauled and prepped for a wedding. Im pretty far north, but happy to host non-game things for AI in the future. Ill have the full shop here too with machining capabilities for techwork. Should have that done this coming winter.
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  11. After many hours of research and consideration I'm on the verge of buying a Tokyo Marui Hi Capa. It would be my first TM gun but not my first GBB. I have owned a KWA M9 PTP. I currently have an ASG M9 oem'd by KJW. I put a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel and Maple Leaf 60 bucking in it, also a Madbull compensator to give it the Leon Professional look. I have been looking for something lightweight, reliable, with a high ammo count, and accurate to use in CQB or in the field as a secondary. A hi capa is an obvious choice and lots of reviews have weeded out WE, although they seem to be hit or miss on quality. I have also considered the KJW KP08, which is $35 cheaper than a TM Hi Capa. My question is whether the TM is truly worth it and would I have to replace the plastic slide right away? I plan on running it on propane with silicone added. I'm not a speedsofter and don't plan on blinging it with anodized parts. I mean, that's cool if you like it, but I want function first. Any help from experienced gbb techs/players is appreciated.
  12. Sounds like you need some cheap labor from a bunch of folks who need a place to play some more pew pew??
  13. I'll send you a PM.
  14. Not that it would affect literally anyone else, but given the crap shoot mother nature is this spring, I may still be out on tractor that late in May. But, if it works for others, go for it. I still like the idea of a tech day on my end, but im open to anything. Hell I'll even host in coming years if need be, but my new shop and barn are nowhere near ready for anything this summer.
  15. I will be present with [bW] and have additionals in tow. Game is typically crowded, but it makes for great force on force, meat grinder style, fast paced engagements, and typically by later in the day a lot have dropped from the field which opens up significantly and becomes a greater game of strategy for engagement. Always a fun time.
  16. After attending Joliet Liberation 3, I can say I am interested in attending Pandora's Box 9. I may be running tan or green. Who knows. Depends on what my friends (if any) run. They usually run tan so I'll probably run tan, too.
  17. Fang for sure, plus potentially two friends. We'd like to run with IMPACT (Team 1 I presume). Also, I know Rooster (Joker you know him) and a few guys (and gal) from Demolition Airsoft will be in attendance.
  18. Internals, upper and lower receiver at minimum. Outer barrel would be helpful as well.
  19. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I'm looking to build a new AEG...I'd prefer to build, maintain and use an ICS M4. Any parts will do. I need the whole ten yards, top to bottom, left to right. Let me know what you got and put a dollar figure next to it and let's make it happen.
  20. Green: Red 2 +x Bear Comrade Holland Comrade Ben Nox Wichita Lumpless Poogas Tan: Ollie Hoot
  21. Green: Red 2 +x Bear Comrade Holland Comrade Ben Nox Wichita Lumpless Tan: Ollie Hoot
  22. Green: Red 2 +x Bear Comrade Holland Comrade Ben Tan: Ollie Hoot
  23. looks like rain late in the day/night so should be good for event.
  24. Looking at the weather report for the weekend. If its correct or still viable for Saturday, they are calling for thunderstorms. Honestly, if its pouring down rain, I’m out, but we will see what the weather is going to do.
  25. I found this to work for CQB. Most players normal reaction is to duck or hide behind cover when being fired upon. Not to give away my secrets I like to shoot, they duck, I move up. As soon as they pop back out I shoot, they duck, I move. Just have to watch your flanks. 90% of the time when this doesn't work I didnt see the individual on my flanks. I hardly ever get hit by the person I'm putting pressure on. Walk crouched down keeping your gun aim at their spot they pop out at and keeping yourself in narrow line reducing yourself as a target like walking a plank. The other 10% when it doesn't work is an aggressive player thats decided they are taking you down or taking a hit or a lucky shot that will get you but it almost always works for me. Keep in mind you're being aggressive if not you'll more likely will fail. Pushing gets the squaters.
  26. Question: is there going to be any vendors or even an impromptu swap meet possible there?
  27. I've always been the type of guy who favored stealth over everything else. There's no better feeling over catching an opponent by surprise and putting them down before they have a chance to react or counter attack. When I play indoor Airsoft, I try to remain as quiet as I can while moving because I don't know who's around the next corner. I can recall one time at Indianapolis indoor Airsoft, me and Harvest stacked on a corner and then moved in and took out about 6 guys in a span of about 10 seconds. They had no idea that we were there as we have stealthed over to that point. That was one of the best feelings in the world when it comes to playing Airsoft. Stealth, quick action, and violence of action.
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