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  2. We can always use more event hosts. Seriously. And everything you’ve posted sounds great. I wouldn’t imagine you having trouble linking with a field. I hope to run into you on the field soon. Welcome to the madhouse. ~Joker
  3. Hey there, plenty of events happening fairly regularly at various fields just south of you in and around Bloomington. Hope to run into you on the field soon. Welcome to the madhouse. ~Joker
  4. Welcome sir! Cali to Indy is an odd move but welcome to the state never the less!
  5. Welcome Dr. Zoidberg! Man I miss that show.... I *think* there's a group of other's on here that also have a discord but I don't recall the link at the moment.
  6. Thanks! I'm hoping someone attending sees this and maybe wants to help me out lol. It's an hour's drive, so I don't really want to go out there on hopes and dreams. I posted to the event on facebook too. The Map looks incredible.
  7. Ouch! I'm sure someone would be able to help you out. It's a very homey field. Understandable either way & congrats on the move.
  8. Well, I just moved here from California, and I'm still spending most of my money replacing stuff we couldn't bring with us. It ended up being a moot point as I think my box with my batteries & chargers somehow went missing, so even if I could use my bbs, I couldn't use my gun.
  9. There's usually a tent with some basic supplies for purchase. Good brands, if I recall.
  10. What's up! Me and a couple buddies are just getting back in to airsoft and we're in the Indy area, we should try and meet up and play.
  11. Hey guys, ZoidbergMD or Ben here. Myself and a couple buddies decided we wanted to get back in to airsoft. Looking to find some people to play with! We're in the Indianapolis area. Excited to participate in this community and play with you all. We set up a discord to try and coordinate play if anyone is interested: Discord. Anyone in the Indy area that plays privately looking for 3 more players?
  12. I'd like to attend this, but I only have non-bio bbs. Would anyone like to trade my non-bio .3s for your bios, .28 or higher? I'll offer a 2:1 ratio, your favor.
  13. I've got a ton of non-bio bbs, but this game I'd like to attend requires bio bbs. Anyone want to trade my non-bio .3s for your bio .3s at a 2:1 ratio, your favor?
  14. Hello! My name is Josh, I go by Jman over the radio. I just moved to Indianapolis from California. Out in California I did more running of games than playing of games. My friend and I founded Average Pros Airsoft Games, and we would run games for free on BLM land, nearly every week. Most of those weeks were like open play days at commercial fields, where we'd set up a scenario, take the players out, run the scenario, then take the players back to set up for the next scenario. We also started a series we called "Open Frontier" which were 12 hour continuous play games where players acted as independent contractors in a dystopian world setting. Players could take on contracts, which were like miniature games within the game (deliver this object to this location, or conversely, intercept this object on its way to location), or they could scavenge old tech (broken radios, electronics, hardware, etc) and sell it. Players could also rob each other, and there was a faction that had a bounty on their head as well. I had to leave most of my game supplies behind in California, so out here I'm just trying to get some games on and join the community for now. I'd love to find a field that I could team up with to start running more organized games again, but that's in the future.
  15. I would imagine it's such an obscure usage case that rules haven't really been solidified for them. My WE platforms run NPASes which allow for the output pressure to be changed, I think if it requires a break down to change it's probably a good assumption that a re-chrono would be the only action required. I've PM'd the field and I'll get back to you on this one. Here's the answer: They'll spot check you if they suspect you of turning up your FPS. Tamper tape is only used at their bigger events. Joules and more indepth ruleset are available here: https://www.boneyardairsoft.com/the-field
  16. I will likely be attending, and hopefully with a few more!
  17. In regards to HPA. What if you don’t have a tank and use a wraith stock? The use co2 capsules and an internal regulator.
  18. HTK Airsoft regularly hosts open play style events most weekends at their outdoor field in Loogootee IN. They also have an indoor facility in Jasper that I believe is currently under construction. You should most definitely contact them to make sure there is an event happening for that specific day. https://m.facebook.com/htkairsoft/ Location: 13706 E 550 S Loogootee, Indiana (outdoor) & 1355 Vine Street, Jasper, Indiana (indoor) They have a website and phone number listed but you may have better luck contacting them via FB. ~Joker
  19. Non collaboration Crosspost from: https://www.facebook.com/events/857836501258815/ As I am not the EO, I cannot promise this crosspost will stay up to date. That's just how it is until we get more interaction from field EOs on the forum. As of the post date for this topic, my buggy is still whitelisted and will possibly be in play, per agreement with the EO. Summary Date: Saturday September 7 Time: 9AM to 3PM (But sometimes they run later) Location: 3905 w nelson lane, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 Cost: Free, but donations for field maintenance are welcome. Standard Boneyard Event. Gates open 0900 Safety brief at 1015, Games start at 1030 Day wraps at 1500 Cost: Free, donations accepted for field maintenance Minimum age 13 If under 18 waiver must be signed by parent or guardian and must wear full face protection (lower mesh,paintball mask, iron face). If under 16 must be accompanied by adult for entirety of event (adult does not need to play, but must remain on site). Game types will be some of the following CTF Juggernaut Assault VIP Downed pilot PJ Medic Territories Infection Golden Gun Hold the Barn Artillery When hit, yell "HIT" loudly, pull out death rag, raise your arm/ gun. If you suspect someone of cheating, do not confront them. tell a referee. they will perform a ref check. If you are caught cheating First time we will make you respawn. Second time, you will be pulled from that game Third time you may be sent home and possibly asked not to come back (at discretion of Cadillac, Owner of the Boneyard) HPA tanks must have tournament lock Field info www.BoneyardAirsoft.com
  20. Spec Ops Group / Paintball Indiana Date: 7-8th September 2019 Location: 6109 S US HWY 31 #100 Franklin, Indiana 46131 Cost: $30 weekend pass or $20 day pass per day (there are also options for rental equipment, event shirts and patches) Details: “It’s a HOT mess folks!!!! Will you be defending years of secrets and E.T or will you be trying to get yourself a nice spaceship or kryptonite!?!?!? It’s all up to you🤘🏼😁 Sign up as either government or civilian forces. It’s going to be an epic weekend of aliens, S.H.I.E.L.D agents, hippies, spaceballs, Chuck Norris and many more delights!😜 Camping: Free for the weekend🤙🏼 Pricing: $30 weekend pass (Fri/Sat/Sun) includes rental gear if needed! $20 day pass (per day) Includes rental gear if needed! Ammo: $5-1000 $21-5000 Event T-shirt: $15 (custom with name/call sign or team) Pre Order Event patch: $7.50 Pre Order Meals: $5 per meal ( Logan’s Concessions will provide food and drink) Sign up and come have a blast, or we’ll be blasted whahahahaha 💥🤙🏼🦏 www.PaintballIndiana.com 317-247-0410 “ More info via FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/384058205578403/?ti=icl ~Joker
  21. The Birds of Prey are hosting Open Play events at Sherwood Forest. I believe they have several dates scheduled. Dates: 14SEP2019 & 19OCT2019 Location: Sherwood Forest 3497 N US Highway 35, La Porte, Indiana For more specific details you will probably have to check their FB page or reach out to them on FB. https://www.facebook.com/BOPArmory/ ~Joker
  22. I'm looking to offload some things laying around, starting with some sniper rifle parts: JG G-SPEC 300mm original brass barrel. Never had a bb through it, replaced immediately after receiving gun. $5 AirsoftGI 430mm stainless steel barrel. 6.03, unbridged hop window, nice barrel crowning, low usage. $10 Dangerwerx Hop Up Arm, type B (see pic.) $10 JG original hop up unit, never used. $10 PDI W-hold bucking, low mileage. $5 PM me with inquiries. Not really interested in shipping. Thanks.
  23. Welcome back, again! Backpacking is always a good time. Not to derail but Knobstone is always worth the time!
  24. If I have to have a bag on my person for whatever reason I generally just toss it in one of my cargo pockets on my pants. I rarely have to carry a whole bag though. I would also recommend the link Crimson posted, Jake is a good dude who makes good stuff. ~Joker
  25. We have several people who are experienced backpackers/hikers. You may have to post up something in Off Topic. Welcome back again, again, to the madhouse. ~Joker
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