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Marketing 101 For Events (Post In Multi Places)

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As I play more and more games I realize that promotion isn't the best. I've seen too many posts that are either on facebook or here when really it should be 3 places at least (Facebook here and instagram) The younger generation say 25 and under dont use either facebook or forums and I highly recommend if you want to keep growing the industry to have a different distribution strategy. (need to adapt to younger generation)

One of the worst things is scheduling a day to play airsoft and no one comes. 


*having teams host an event prob one of the best things too cause you know a guaranteed min number already coming.


Just my thoughts based on other industries and hobby I'm in. 



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Hey thanks for posting this. And I can’t really disagree with what you’ve said.

One advantage (of many) I think we have here is the ability to see all events in one place. It really helps with organization and helps people plan for things a little better. But on the other hand I can see why it would look like FB gets more attention with a lack of posts here lately and a simple “interested” or “attending” button push.

I always post here first. And I typically post on FB to try and get people to come back here and engage. I do have an IG that I use for Airsoft but I don’t typically post about events there, maybe I should start. I know HiFi does, I’ve seen it. Maybe I should also create an Airsoft Indiana IG.

Believe it or not posting Airsoft Indiana on YouTube also helps a lot. Either in the title of the video, in the tags, and or the description with links. I’ve directed a lot of players here over the years from that.

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Your suggestion for centralizing and managing events is to decentralize and maintain posts on multiple sites? Interesting... This approach doesn't scale well at all and, without going into the past, led Indiana to where it is today.


Personally have always felt that the organization a forum provides is infinitely superior to any of the 'social' media platforms. On a forum, you can go to one page here and see everything posted currently for the state of Indiana. Then you can go here to see everything outside of Indiana. Seems to be a ton easier than stopping at Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, pinterest, Twitter, <insert other social media here>. Trick has always been, as Joker mentioned, getting people to actually go to the links (and people to post their events as well).


From an EO standpoint, a singular post on a forum that I link to on other 'social' media platforms is drastically easier. I can update game information and rosters, answer questions that will be posted in the thread so "in theory" others could read the thread and not ask the same question, all while saving me as the EO, TONS of time not having to duplicate effort across 10+ sites. I digress...



Anyways, the new release of the forum's software does indicate the ability to log into the system through the use of social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, reddit, and even LinkedIn (this one seems odd to me). I haven't had a chance to mess around with it yet but it was recently posted to their page. Not sure if it'll help with the "distribution" or not but maybe it'll make the extra click easier to bear for the younger generation? :blink:

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