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Indoor Airsoft Tactics

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Hey everyone, I recently went to Spec Ops Group in Martinsville on a random Sunday for some pew pew and it got me thinking.

Playing Airsoft outside versus playing Airsoft inside are technically the same thing, but they are also very different. I prefer to play outside, I’m much more comfortable and it’s more my pace of play. But every now and again I like to mix it up and I do like to make sure my CQB skills don’t get too rusty. But here in Indiana our indoor fields are very limited and over the years I've noticed a lot of players who (how shall I put this nicely?) are more Noobs with indoor Airsoft than they may want to admit. I also noticed a lot of players who may think they know what they are doing because they’ve seen some YouTube videos or something and it doesn’t always work like that haha.

Now I know for a fact we have several members here who are former Military and or Police who probably have experience doing this in the real world. I also know for a fact that some of us civilians here have been “trained” by those with said experience. With that being said, this is a topic for Airsoft. And what I mean by that is some things that may apply in the real world may not work well in Airsoft and of course vise-versa.

What I would like everyone to discuss is their CQB tactics or helpful hints for playing inside to help those that may be somewhat new at it who are looking to improve.

My contributions to this firstly is getting out and playing in said indoor environments. Knowledge of tactics is all well and good but in order to be helpful you need to be able to execute those tactics. So get out and play. You will gain experience and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Strength in numbers and COMMUNICATION. Much like playing outside it helps to have a squad to run and gun with. But maybe more important inside than outside is communicating with your teammates. This can really make or break you indoors. Sometimes you need, radios, hand signals, or just straight up yelling but use whatever you can to take advantage. And while you may be able to lone wolf it outside, you have to be pretty lucky or good to try that indoors.

Mobility. This one seems like common sense but I still see tons of players using kit that would be used for an all day or even two day event for indoors. Sure there are fields and environments that have both indoor and outdoor elements and if you are playing 8+ hours straight then by all mean kit up with a heavy load. But if you are strictly playing inside, especially if it’s not continuous, then you should definitely lighten your load. Drop the PC for a simple chest rig. You may not need to carry 6-8 mags unless you are super trigger happy. You may not need that backpack with water, snack, and other random stuff when you will be going back to staging once the round is over. You want to be able to move quickly and quietly. Which brings me to my last point...

Violence of Action. Perhaps one of my favorite tactics for indoor (and outdoor) use is this. It’s also one that to this very day, even after all of these years, I still find myself struggling with sometimes. But in short and not to get too in-depth on this, it is overwhelming your enemy with fast paced movement and action preferably within a squad. Don’t just stand there, keep pushing forward and taking new and better positions. Now it definitely helps to know what you are actually doing and not just running around like a lunatic. But moving quickly and striking fast and efficiently can be very effective indoors if done properly.

Well that’s all I’m going to post for now. I just wanted to get the ball rolling on this subject. Please add more to what I’ve posted or add your own ideas. I may add more later.


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I can add a little to this myself.. still much more of a outdoor guy.. but what I have seen time and time again..  Hold on for this one it hurts to say.   Some of the best indoor airsoft players I have seen are the way because they also play Paintball.   Speedball mostly.   Why because its aggressive.. much the same environment.   And super competitive..  Much like airsoft want to get better.. go up against guys 10 times better than you are.   So as much as it hurts me to say it.  Watch some paintball players go at it.   Watch how they move.. how they use cover.. how agressive they play..  And then go own the field.     Now im gonna go cry a little for promoting paintball.   Used to play myself before I started airsoft.  No plans to ever return..  airsoft for life.. but man those guys can play.  

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I've always been the type of guy who favored stealth over everything else. There's no better feeling over catching an opponent by surprise and putting them down before they have a chance to react or counter attack. When I play indoor Airsoft, I try to remain as quiet as I can while moving because I don't know who's around the next corner. I can recall one time at Indianapolis indoor Airsoft, me and Harvest stacked on a corner and then moved in and took out about 6 guys in a span of about 10 seconds. They had no idea that we were there as we have stealthed over to that point. That was one of the best feelings in the world when it comes to playing Airsoft. Stealth, quick action, and violence of action.
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I found this to work for CQB. Most players normal reaction is to duck or hide behind cover when being fired upon. Not to give away my secrets I like to shoot, they duck, I move up. As soon as they pop back out I shoot, they duck, I move. Just have to watch your flanks. 90% of the time when this doesn't work I didnt see the individual on my flanks. I hardly ever get hit by the person I'm putting pressure on. Walk crouched down keeping your gun aim at their spot they pop out at and keeping yourself in narrow line reducing yourself as a target like walking a plank. The other 10% when it doesn't work is an aggressive player thats decided they are taking you down or taking a hit or a lucky shot that will get you but it almost always works for me. Keep in mind you're being aggressive if not you'll more likely will fail. Pushing gets the squaters.
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