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Is Organized Airsoft In Indiana A Thing Of The Past?

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    Acually is Howard

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Been trying hard to use Facebook to drive people here..  its like pulling teeth sadly.. But worth the fight.     It will be a struggle until they nuke all the pages and hopefully we can get back to the old ways.  Not really a reddit fan myself.. or discord or even really facebook..  So if anyone has idea how to better drive the traffic here i'm all ears.    I get about 3 requests for new members on their every day.   And just keep pointing them here.  

Reddit has grown on me but only for crowd sourcing information and helping others with topics I can help on. Aside from that, it's for the laughs as there are some comedy gold subs on there! I'll refrain from de-railing the topic though!

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I'd like to think we all just did such a kick ass job answering questions that no one has to do anything more than use the search feature but I know how people are these days, :lol:


99% of the questions on facebook groups go something like this:


"What is the best gun for a beginner? Just got into the sport and wanna make the right decision! Btw it must be an M4 with m-lok rails, preferably an HPA, and I'm not really interested in anything that isn't unique. I wanna stand out from the crowd, ya know?


Looking to spend around $150. Thanks in advance!"

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