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Op: Sherlina 5.5. November 3Rd

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Well gentleman and Ladies, it’s time for something a little different.


This is not going to be your typical game play. We have tested this game with success, and what I can tell you is that its will not be what you think its going to be. 
Allegiances will be made and torn apart in the blink of an eye, team awareness and integrity will be tested at all moments.
This game is fast paced, and you have to move and keep your head on a swivel. The enemy is everywhere and everyone. 
Now, onto the stuff you need to know.

Op Sherlina 5.5 

November 3, 2018
Mutual Combat Club
3560 Pleasant Lane
Spencer, In. 47460

Field Donation: $15.00 ( All proceeds go directly to MCC)

Play times: 8am-?

Chrono opens at 9:00am, game on at 10:00am

FPS Rules:
AEG’s will be chrono’d with .20s
400fps for standard Riflemen
450fps for DMR
500fps for sniper class with a minimum MED 100’  Must have an operating sidearm!

HPA will be chrono’d with .30’s using Joules. 
Bring an empty mag to the chrono station. You are not allowed to use your own B.B’s for chrono.
All HPA must have a tournament lock that can be secured with zip ties. No Exceptions! Wraith and bolt stock users will have tape placed on their adjustment screws.
• Eye protection must never be removed during game play.
• Weaponry must be made safe by removing the magazine and clearing the hop-up any time game play is not active.
• Homemade fireworks and pyrotechnics are not allowed. Commercially produced smoke grenades, pea grenades and similar items are allowed
• Real weapons, including firearms and large fixed blade knives, are not permitted on the field.
• Full seal, ANSI Z87.1+ rated goggles with a retaining strap such as those found in paintball masks or Wiley-X's. No shooting glasses or wire mesh allowed.
Under 18, must have a full paintball mask or a helmet, goggle, wire mesh combo that is the equivalent of a paintball mask.
• No blindfiring. 
• Radios are unregulated at this event. Admin Channel will be announced. Please avoid this channel unless you need clarification or there is a Blindman called.
• MED rules apply when entering buildings. Please be respectful and shoot to midsection. Semi auto only in and around buildings. Support Class switch to side arm.
• This is a semi auto event. (More on this in the rules section)
Player requirements:
1) 2 Deadrags (red rag of some sort)
2) Water/food for the day (There maybe food to be purchased on the field)
3) Masking tape or bandage of some sort (WHITE)
4) Recommended, A field map so you can mark were your checkpoints are.
5) Working radio
6) Camo color does not matter.
7) 360 security on the field!
8) Call your hit!! Friendly fire does count! Garaunteed this will happen.
9) Positive attitude!
Standard Missions:

1) Players will form themselves into 5 or less and approach the Admins table to deploy.
2) Each team will be given a separate mission briefing and each team member will be given a punch card. Each player will write their name or Callsign on it.
3) Standard missions will give you 5 points of contact. The points of contacts can be hit in any order, you may insert or extract (after mission is completed) whichever of the locations you choose. All 5 locations must be punched by each player. (You cannot send 1 Player in to punch all the cards, you must punch your own card)
4) After punching your last check point pull your deadrag and head back to Admins table for another mission.
5) All though everyone will be operating in 5 or less fireteams, scoring is individually scored. When you turn in your card your point will be recorded on the player sheet. It’s very important that this is done so you don’t lose points you’ve earned. (Things get quite hectic at the Admins table, please be patient and polite)
Special Missions:
Special Missions will be handed out thru out the day. These missions will very on points based on how hard they are. Some will be hard, some will be easy.


RolePlayers will be in the game for you to use!!! I recommend highly to try and grab one! There are limited number of role players so the faster you deploy and grab one the more points you can potentially score.
Once a role player has been immersed into your squad they are under your SL command. They will follow thru with the mission you have until they are dead or you’ve completed your mission. Medic rules apply to them just like you! Except for the Medic Role players.
Medic Rules:
There are no respawn points, once dead come back to the Admins table to be reinserted!
If you are wounded anyone in your fireteam can bring you back in.
Medic procedure:
1) Each fireteam needs to have masking tape or some type of WHITE bandage. (None of this is supplied by the Event staff. Up to you to bring your own) Please re-read the above line!
2) An alive fireteam member gets to wounded player and wraps tape/Bandage (white) around the upper arm to bring player back in. After being shot a second time tape/bandage goes around the other arm. 3rd time a player is shot they are dead…..head back to Admins Table.


Can a wounded player be moved?
No (Unless in a crossfire then you may move for safetys sake)


Can a wounded player heal themselves?

Can a wounded player communicate?
Only to call a medic, from your own fireteam or a Medic Role player.


Can tape/bandages be tossed between players?


What if my Squad gets wiped out?
Head back to Admins table for reinsertion/re-kit


Do I have to stay in the same Squad all day? (But finishing a mission with all your squad mates for that mission may give you additional points. Bailing on your squad in the middle of a fire fight is not recommended but can be done.)
No, head back to Admins table and grab the next 4 players and head out! *Hint* (Players that do this generally score higher points) Remember scoring is based on individual players not Squads but bailing on your squad mates is pretty selfish!!


Can I head back to the Admins table after being dead and re-link up with my Squad on the field?
No, you may not! You may wait for them to return or grab 4 more players and head back out. (This type of play will get you into the mix faster and play with players you haven’t played with before)


Can a Squad just camp out at a check point to wipe out other Squads?
NO! Defeats the type of game plus it is considered spawn camping. Exception, your heading to a Check point but see another Squad coming in and you haven’t punched your card…..set up a hasty position, wipe them out and quickly punch your cards and move! AGAIN…..sitting at a check point for the sole purpose to ambush other Squads is in fact cheating!! DON’T do it!
General thought:
This Op is meant to be fast and hard hitting if you chose to play it that way, but it can also be played with the best sneak game you’ve got. Depends on you the player on how you want to play it.  It’s also meant to be competitive and push you.

Remember 360 security is a must at all times.

Also, working with in the rules but possibly bending abit (without cheating, think outside the box) has shown that players can be very resourceful.

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OwO I'm interested

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Count me IN...terested
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This has some promise.
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If all goes well, I should be in town. Will try to drag some buddies. YEET

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Hard yes.
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Third Group is ready toYEET

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Guys, please remember to bring masking tape or rag (WHITE) for medic'ing. Also a map will be very useful on the field. I will be posting helps and hints before game day to help remind and give tidbits of intel. 

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A whole bag of yes.
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