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Bogwafh - Ak Rear Sight Block Conversion


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WARNING: The following information is being disseminated by an intoxicated and borderline retarded individual with absolutely no experience in gunsmithing or even the use of basic hand tools. Attempting to follow this guide will result in irreparable harm to your replica BB gun, your hands, limbs and/or face, as well as your state of mental health. Reading any further is highly discouraged. This post is tagged NSFW due to its reckless use of crude language, dangerous techniques, and low quality results.




Welcome to our first edition of Beatin' On Guns With A Fucking Hammer. This series will focus on fitting AK-style BB guns with real steel AK parts, usually poorly. Today we're looking at the Rear Sight Block of a Dboys/Kalash and replacing it with one from a real steel Bulgarian AK74.


If you are unfortunate enough to own a shitty AK style BB gun, or if you know anyone stupid enough to purchase a shitty AK style BB gun, you have probably witnessed this:





The RSB and sight leaf on the cheapest BB guns like the DBoys and CYMA are made of a zinc-alloy colloquially known as pot metal. This volatile compound is known to spontaneously explode when exposed to alcohol, capitalism and tense stares, among other things. If you own one of these guns, your RSB WILL break-- it's a matter of when, not if. Consider throwing the BB gun away and instead beginning a hobby meant for adults. If this is not an option, read on.




This is a Bulgarian RSB from an AK74. Waaay fuckin nicer than the one on your BB gun, wow, look at this sight ladder actuation, this is fucking nice, Bulgaria is nice. Real ones are cheaper and easier to track down than airsoft specific ones, not to mention far better made. You can use one from any country of origin, either for AKM or AK74, but man, Bulgaria, cyrillic sight ladder, come on, this is Bulgaria we're talking about, nice.


Before we start cracking this creaking sack of shit apart please remember the first rule of BB guns: All BB guns are garbage. Complete garbage. Your BB gun is garbage, my BB gun is garbage, the BB gun your friend paid an awful lot for specifically so it would not be garbage, is, in fact, garbage, period, full stop, it's fuckin shit. All BB guns are shit, and working with BB guns is fucking infuriating, so if you're not drinking already you're going to want to start now. The alcohol will calm your nerves and allow for safer working conditions.


Tonight I'm drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. It pours a cloudy, caramel color with a quarter inch of off-white head and decent head retention. It smells of smoke, roasted hops, sweet malt and fits the style of a Scottish Ale. Mouth Feel is sharp and clean, with an average carbonation level. The taste is complex and the hint of smoke does not overwhelm the traditional wheat flavor.




This is the third or fourth BB gun I've tried this mod on. BB gun receivers are wider than real steel so there will be a gap on either side of the front trunnion upon completion. I've thought about welding in shims or something here but there's really no point. If done properly there's zero side to side movement. Here's my personal BB gun which has already been modded:




Let's get started. First, drive out your front trunnion pin. On some guns this has a finned section on one side that is wider than the rest. If you are encountering a lot of resistence driving it one way, try the other. If you're encountering a lot of resistance both ways, just hit it harder you fuckin moron.




Crack that bitch in half.




If your BB gun came with a sling, remember that the sling is approximately as good a quality as the rest of the gun-- that is to say, it's fucking garbage. What the fuck is this shit made of, manganese and salted cat livers? It's shit.




Get your barrel assembly in a bench vise and drive out the pin holding the old RSB on using a fine screwdriver and hammer.






Alright now drive out all the rest of these pins. You are guaranteed to lose at least one of these fuckers, you know you're going to, why are you even trying.




Just disassemble the rest of the gun and throw it in a pile.




The new RSB does not just fit right on. The barrel in this area is a wider diameter to account for the wider receiver, so you'll need to do some filing. Luckily, even shitty AK pattern BB guns like the DBoys and CYMA are equipped with solid aluminum outer barrels, which is soft enough to be workable with hand tools. Take a metal file and start filing evenly around the slot for the pin. In the picture below, the top line is where we are unmodded, the bottom is where we want to be.


Test fit regularly. It should be very tight, don't be afraid to start swinging that hammer around.






Put your fuckin back into it you weak necked suburbanite nancy boy. Work that rod. You probably need another beer. I've pissed like seven times by now.




Alright, it's on there, but it aint straight. Just beat on it with a fucking hammer until it is.






Slide the barrel assembly into the receiver. This is what I saw when I pressed the barrel all the way back into the receiver. More on this in a minute.


Good. Now press your pins back in place using the bench vise. 




If you're cranking on the vise and pin's not going in, going sideways, or if it's bending, you may be tempted to drill out the hole slightly larger. Be very careful and always start with the smallest possible diameter (smaller than the pin) before moving up. 








Put all the other barrel components on.





Marry the barrel assembly and receiver. Did you remember to make sure your front and rear sights lined up? Come on kiddo, get your head in the game.




I recommend flooding the front trunnion pin hole with red Loc Tite to ensure solid fit and also to remind you to start drinking the next time to have to break this gun apart.




After a few hours of dry time, we've reached perfection.... Sort of. It's better than it was I think, but I don't really remember much. 




Note that some fine, final fitment will be necessary. I had to bend the rear of the dust cover backward slightly to clear everything.


Back to the issue I pointed out earlier. Depending on your particular model of shitty BB gun there may be issues like the one below:




The small horizontal gap between the RSB and the receiver is one you should expect on this model. Different brands have slightly different dimensions and this can cause issues like this one. This is correctable, but it will require much more time investment and more advanced tools (MIG welder mainly) than what I have on hand at the moment. I fixed this on my personal gun which is the same make and model as the one worked on in this guide.




For now I am pleased with the results as the gun is solid, will be wielded by a guy that doesn't give a shit, and work took about an hour with basic tools. If there are a lot of enterprising nerds that want to do this mod I may write a second part about how to fix an 1/8'' worth of problems but for now we're calling it a night.


Great! We've half-assed an install and wasted precious Bulgarian technology on a filthy Taiwanese toy. Pat yourself on the back warrior, you do your country proud.

Edited by Comrade Holland, 07 February 2017 - 12:26 AM.

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Eagerly awaiting the next installment of this series

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This is why Guffie cannot be defeated.

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How do I subscribe to the youtube channel? Pure Gold. 

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It's been a while since I have read a review/article/report of such quality. I mean, Bulgaria, nice.
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Most amazing how-to I've ever read.... :lol:

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