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#14516 Thank You Airsoft.

Posted by Joker on 19 May 2012 - 03:06 PM

This was one of my favorite topics back in the day. I believe Crimson originally started it. But I thought it would be nice to bring it back to life on Airsoft Indiana.

Airsoft Indiana has come a very long way over the years. As I look back on past players, teams, games, and even forums it is very clear that we are finally where we need to be. And it should only get better from here.

Thank you's:
Solution_Zero- Thank you for being always ready and willing to step up when needed. Your honesty is sometimes harsh but always refreshing. And thanks for being such a good friend and helping me deal with my personal bullshit over the last couple of years. Its always fun running with you.
Harvest- I am SO glad you have stuck around through all the crap that has happened with airsoft in Indiana. Thank you for being such a good friend. And never ceasing to make me laugh till it hurts. I very much enjoy running with you.
Rob- I can not thank you enough for what you have done with these forums. It is constantly being updated and a very bad ass site. But as you know its not just another website to me, its a kind of home. You have also been a very loyal and great friend to me over the years and I very much appreciate it. Always a pleasure to run and gun with you.
Crimson- I know you have had your share of bullshit to deal with over the past few years but it seems like we went through it together. Thank you for being there for me. And thank you for helping breath some life back into IMPACT when it was starting to fade. Always a pleasure to run and gun with you.
Vacceo- There is something about having you at games that just makes me feel better. Thank you for being there when I needed it. I consider you family. Always a pleasure to run and gun with you.
Shwaisey- I am glad you have stuck around all these years. You are turning into the great veteran player I knew you would. Keep up the good work. Always a pleasure to run and gun with you.
Dragon & Eagle- Not only do I consider you guys to be great friends I also love playing with you guys. Its never a dull moment and always a lot of fun. Thank you.
Peli- Thank you for all of your help with everything from field work, helping host games, or just giving me a ride to an event. If it was not for you I would not have played near as much as I got to this last year. Thanks for being such a good friend. Always a pleasure to run and gun with you.
50 Inch Neck- Thank you for all of your help with IMPACT it was very much appreciated. As well as the rides to games. Your aggression on the field is very motivating and infectious. Thanks for being such a great friend to me. Always a pleasure to run and gun with you.
Raphiki & BigAltes (No that is not a typo)- Whether others like you or hate you I would still like to thank you. Yes sometimes you do your fair share of shit stirring online but you both have done a great job keeping airsoft moving forward. Raphiki especially with hosting all the NME games and your younger player apprentices.
Rogue- I honestly appreciate your presence here. Your maturity and level headedness is always nice to have around. We are here to play airsoft and you see past the BS are are here for just that.
SORT 712- You young kids are already shaping up to be great veteran players and your presence on the battlefield motivates me to step my game up and to try and keep up with you young ones. Dont stop playing!
NOOBS- Yes I want to thank all of the noobs. I have now been playing airsoft for 14 very long years. I have seen and done just about all there is to do in airsoft. But it is you new and young players that keep me coming back for more. You are our future and I stick around so I can pass what I know to you so that Airsoft Indiana may live on in a positive way.
Everyone else- Honestly there are a TON of people I am forgetting on this list some are not even players from this state. But I would be typing for hours if I had to thank them all personally. Just know that I honestly appreciate each of you and am very glad that you play airsoft. Because you can not play airsoft by yourself. Think about how happy it makes me to see all the events going on and tons of players at those events now a days. Especially since 14 years ago there was literally just a hand full of us. So thank you to newer guys like Poncho and others who are now hosting games for me to play at. We have come a really really long ways and I thank you all for that.

Thank you airsoft for providing me with ways to legally shoot at people with AKs, thank you for allowing me to make some of the best friends anyone could ask for, letting me hone my "skills", keeping me out of trouble, helping me mature, helping me or rather forcing me out of my shyness (yes I used to be very shy believe it or not), thank you for helping me get past personal bullshit, for letting me take out my stress and anger in a healthy way, exercise, thank you for allowing me to just be me, and lastly thank you for the last 14 years of good times and fun! I would not trade it for the world. To me this is far more then just a game I do sometimes for fun or a forum I get on to just pass the time, it really has become a way of life for me and I am thankful for that.

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#28083 Noobs Read! How To Get Along Here

Posted by targetpractice on 04 March 2013 - 02:32 PM

Mods, feel free to delete if considered inappropriate or redundant.

I've noticed that there's been a lot of new members lately, and there's been a lot of grumblings lately about the amount of derpage that's been going on. I'm going to help you, the new forum member, by giving you some tips on how not to anger the natives here.

I'm new to airsoft myself, so I have a bit of perspective on being the new kid on the block. I joined the forum around Thanksgiving, felt my way around, and I went to my first game, a milsim over 400 acres of rolling hills in beautiful Kentucky, last weekend (that was fun, by the way).

So it pains me to see some of these new members who come in, chuck out common sense at the door, and post the most senseless and asinine questions I've ever seen. What I'm going to write here is basically a detailed summary of what is expected of you in this forum. Ignore at your own risk! I hope that the majority of you will read this, as I have had a great time here and made some really good friends, and I want you to have the same positive experience I have had.


You'll notice that the mods are very particular about spelling and grammar. While everyone makes the occasional typo and grammar mistake here and there, the level of spelling and grammatical incompetence I've seen here is downright unacceptable. If you've ever wondered why you get your head bitten off for spelling, here are the reasons:

1) English is your first language. Even if it's not, you're in a country that uses English as a primary language. Vacceo and I come from a countries that do not have English as a second language, yet we have few issues.
2) Spell check. Ever notice those red, wavy lines when you type? That's the spellchecker kicking in. Move your mouse cursor over it, right-click and the options for corrections will come up. Choose one. If in doubt, look it up on a dictionary or thesaurus. If you don't know what those are, you should stop and find out right now. Incidentally, spelling leads up to the third reason:
3) Laziness. If you can't be bothered to check your spelling, especially if the software is doing it for you, how can we trust you to be safe and responsible? This isn't Call of Duty, people. People can get hurt in this, and this will not merely result in an ouchie and embarrassment, this can potentially affect the entire airsoft community worldwide.


A very wise man once told me this when I asked him a question: "God gave you a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a brain and a mouth. Use them." What this means is that the resources to navigate this forum successfully are presented to you. In the upper right hand corner of the forum page, is a search window. Use that if you have a question first. Want to know about any games in Indiana? It's the first section in Events.


Don't come in with a question such as "Hey guys im new whatis a good gun for airsfoting thks" (no, really, that's how some of you derps post) and expect someone to tell you. Look up retailers, look for what appeals to you, then look it up on Google. It's not that hard. Are you curious about the JG G36C? Plug in "JG G36C review." It's just that easy. Show that you're willing to put in some work on your end, and the forum members will be more than happy to point you in the right direction, or even help you find your information.


Some things that will earn you the ire of the mods:

1) Necroposting. If a thread is old, don't post "Hey good idea" just for the sake of it. You will be seen as trying to boost your post count.
2) Spamming the introduction posts. Don't bother. It doesn't count towards your post count. Again, you'll be seen as trying to boost your post count. By the way, did you know that posting on introduction threads doesn't add to your post count?
3) Ask structured, properly worded questions that show you've done your share of research before posting, or you'll see a mod send you a warning and lock your post.

Be a useful member of this community that wants to help it grow. Don't be a parasite.


If you're new here, just don't act like you know everything and that you're all hot. Some of the guys on this forum have been in the hobby for as long as it has been in the US. They can smell bullcrap before the crap comes out of the bull. This also goes along with bragging. If you brag, and it'll be obvious, you're just not going to be well regarded here, especially if we figure out it's not true. So please don't even try.

I would also like to point out that I'm getting a little irritated as I'm writing this. Seriously, I shouldn't have to write this stuff.


In my experience, someone's behaviour on the internet is a good indicator of one's common sense. In real life, it's easy to do stupid things as the brain (or lack thereof) kicks in and actions happen in milliseconds. Online on a forum, your words are slowed down by the keyboard. If your posts are still coming up sounding like an idiot (and trust me, you'll know really quickly), you have what we in the IT community call a Problem Between The Chair And The Keyboard. So please, PLEASE exercise common sense.

I hate bullies with a passion, so I'm very sensitive to what I perceive as bullying. I've voiced my concerns about this to the admins before, but over time I've discovered no evidence of such - just an extremely low tolerance for stupidity, and rightly so. This community takes safety and personal responsibility and maturity very seriously on and off the field, folks, so if you do not show any sign of this right off, expect a lot of butthurt. First impressions count, and that is very true in online communities. The mods here are very active and are pretty good at keeping an eye on the problem children. On the the other hand, if a mod flies off the deep end and cusses you out, it's because you've failed to observe common sense. These guys don't want to be mean but sometimes it's the only way to get someone's attention, and on these forums it's because someone else tried to tell you nicely and you didn't get the hint.


In the time between when I first posted this and when I made some edits (1/10/2016), a couple of people have failed the common sense requirement. Exhibit 1 - talking about dressing up as a suicide bomber shortly after the Paris attacks. Exhibit 2 - breaking and entering into city property to look tacticool with airsoft guns. One of them got shot at by the police. This is after several incidents widely reported in the news that ended up in massive, racially-charged protests, accusations of police brutality, and talk of banning guns, fake or otherwise. This community has no tolerance for this kind of crap!

Speaking of mods, if Endgame comes at you, then you know you're really in trouble, as he's the most forgiving of the mods here. In short - at the first sign of someone giving you a snarky response, stop and start thinking. If you are unable to grasp this simple concept, you are in the wrong hobby and should never be close to anything that shoots projectiles.





This is simple. Don't steal. Don't lie. This also extends to acting like a responsible human being. If you go to a field, leave it as it is. Don't damage the property, and especially DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GARBAGE BEHIND. If you're busted breaking this very simple guideline, I will guarantee that you are going to be drummed out of this community very, very quickly.

In conclusion:


- Good luck!

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#41930 Iac Safety Promotion To Ai

Posted by starblade54 on 25 March 2014 - 10:00 PM


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#28503 Lion Claws Op: Lightning Strike April 5-7

Posted by 50 INCH NECK on 13 March 2013 - 08:31 AM

LOL, now thats funny coming from a guy, who last time I saw was in charge (blind fury7?) you was late to the game.
Thanks S-Z I will try not too fuck it up, but hey, it is only a game right.


Seriously Jerry...?

I am getting real sick of guys trying to ruin play army with this type of crap... There has been a huge increase of douchebagery here lately. Some of you need to grow up and realize that what you say and what you do affect other people and their enjoyment of the game...
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#23246 Predator48 Intro Fail

Posted by Eagle on 26 December 2012 - 01:46 PM

You better watch out...

You better not cry.

You better not shout, HE'S GOING IN DRY
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#21793 Team Names?

Posted by Eagle on 02 December 2012 - 05:33 PM

The better question is, why do you want to use the real name?

There's a fine line when it comes to respect and "disgrace". Like Willow put, unless you were in the actual unit, you didn't earn that title.

Dressing up with the same uniforms and shit is one story, and in my opinion (as the old saying goes), "imitation is the highest form of flattery". The line is usually crossed when someone goes from the same gear and starts incorporating unit patches and ribbons and/or, god forbid, medals and ribbons.

Further more, throwing the name SEAL or Airborne or whatever into your team is pointless. Not only did you not earn that real title, you probably don't use SEAL or Airborne tactics in airsoft... So unless you plan on swimming into combat on a Drager Rebreather and dry suit or jumping out of a C17 Globemaster, its pointless. In my honest opinion, if you want a team named after a real unit or outfit, go train and join the real thing. Until then, just be content with dressing up as a BB gun weekend warrior special operator.
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#30245 Times Have Changed And So Have I

Posted by Dr_die on 16 April 2013 - 03:42 PM

Good day to you all, Most of you know me already. Yes, it is Dr_die. I haven't played in about 3 weeks. Before that it has been about 6 months. Those of you that know me, it used to be every weekend and sometimes two times a week. I have humbled myself to come to this forum to talk with those that are my friends. Those that I have been on the other side of the fence with and to make new friends as well. I do not play Sundays anymore do to my newly founded relationship with Christ. But I am now available to play on Saturdays.

Those of you that now me, I do own and operate Crazy Cromag's Airsoft Emporium. (Shameless plug)

I am an agreesive player still at the age of 50. Yup I hit half a century old finally.

I would like to end this with, that I am drama free and refuse to get into any kind of internet battles. With that I would like to again say hello to all and look forward to positive conversations.
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#23886 Op: Urgent Solution Ii, 04May2013 @ Poncho's Field, Salem In.

Posted by Comrade S_Z on 06 January 2013 - 03:34 PM

why is it being charged twenty and not the normal ten?

$10 a head to the owner of the facility, the other $10 is to cover props, and put money in a fund for the next games we will be holding. ORIA is becoming an incorporated non-profit organization, and the funds gathered from games over the next few years will be put to securing the land for an actual AI / ORIA field in central Indiana. This is common knowledge among the regular AI members involved in the community, I have made it no secret. I can guarentee every player attending this game will get their money's worth, and then some. This is not some skirimish being held by a 13yr old kid who can't put 75% of the game details in the original post. ;)

Now if you'd be so kind as to not shit in my game thread, I'd appreciate it. This ain't my first rodeo, kid.
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#58988 Slaughter House Community Meeting Recap

Posted by Echo on 07 February 2016 - 06:26 PM

Here's my thoughts, and please understand, this is just mine.
First off. Nobody knows this guy. So what makes him think he can "force" an organized community?
Field owners have the final say as to who they allow on the field, and no committee should regulate that. Property owners own private property, and they have the final say. They are responsible for everything that happens on thier property.

Your ideas and rules are yours. How you want to run and operate your business is your business. Don't try and push this on the rest of the community, it will not be well received and people will start to avoid you and your business.

Also, the last time that people were expected to mandatorily register for something, we had a world wide problem on our hands. I'm not saying that making it mandatory for players to register for nationwide data base is as bad as what the nazi party did to the Jews during world war 2, but I am saying it is just as stupid of an idea now as it was then.

You have no power here, you've shown a very bad direction in your thinking of what our hobby and sport is.
But these are just my thoughts based off of the recap that Nebanon was nice enough to post up for us.
I personally will not visit your site. I've never met you, and I won't speak to your personality, or physical presence as a person. You may be the most charismatic person I could ever meet, but I just don't see that happening based off of the notes in this recap.
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#35470 Tp Custom Gunwerx En.d.g.a.m.e™

Posted by targetpractice on 04 August 2013 - 10:08 PM

So I picked up Endgame's M4 from Peli the other day, and I was looking at it and marveling at what a fine piece of AEG work it was. Then I started thinking: what could I do to improve it? So I looked at my tools and also started putting myself in End's shoes, and asked myself: what would be something important to me during a mission?

And I thought, eureka! Hydration!

With that in mind, I have developed a system to increase End's hydration loadout. Presenting the TP Custom Gunwerx ENhanced Drink Gun Accessory Mounting Equipment (EN.D.G.A.M.E)!

Posted Image

The EN.G.A.M.E™ is mounted on the buffer tube, and holds two hydration containers that can be easily accesible - quickly and without hassle. High speed! Low drag!

Posted Image

The EN.D.G.A.M.E™ is also fully MIL-STD-GUFFIE compliant:

Posted Image

And I know you Operators are all into those asymmetric loads, so the sycamore-colored Devgru Wetworks folks will love it too:

Posted Image

But, "wait!" you say - how am I going to aim through this? I've thought it all over for you. The twin hydration carriers are mounted on a y-shaped configuration that gives you an excellent view through your optics:

Posted Image

In addition to all of these great features, TP Custom Gunwerx is proud to provide a teaser for our latest high-speed low drag accessory, made specifically for snipers and marksmen who have to wait long hours for an ambush:

Posted Image

That's right, when you come to TP Custom Gunwerx, we take care of you! The EN.D.G.A.M.E™ - keeping you hydrated while delivering 40lbs of rape.

TP Custom Gunwerx:

Posted Image

Our motto: "We Take Pride In Our Sh*t."

And how I'm gonna duck and run :frantics:
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#24496 Op: Chill And Grill 2. 1/12/13

Posted by targetpractice on 14 January 2013 - 12:30 AM

Speaking of which......some of you guys who were there will get the joke...

Posted Image

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#23311 Predator48 Intro Fail

Posted by Nox on 27 December 2012 - 10:23 AM

I believe this picture accurately describes Predator's entry to Airsoft-Indiana...

Posted Image
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#23182 Predator48 Intro Fail

Posted by Smoke on 25 December 2012 - 05:28 PM

As my name implies. I am a soloist. I have taken on teams of 10, 20 even 30 or more and won. All by myself. I let them come to me. Picking them off one by one. They never know when they will be hit. Anticipation is a killer and makes one very nervous and mistake prone.

He can outwit up to 30 people at once, but can't seem to find the 'Start New Topic' button. Ironic.
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#10403 Should i buy this?

Posted by Sky Marshal Harvest on 11 January 2012 - 09:02 AM

Hrturner, you need to get out more, many techs consider a JG as the absolute best bang for you buck if you tune it as it will last easily as long as most other stock guns if treated correctly. You should talk to HS5 about it on ASF, he know more about the "longevity" of a JG than anyone.

Rob needs to get out more?

You need to get the fuck out of here. I don't care if this gets voted down, gets me banned or disciplined for being a dick but seriously. GTFO and don't come back.

Everything in that sentence can be considered by the United Nations as a crime against humanity for it's dripping utter stupidity. Rob has cracked more GB shells and was playing more play army while you were in High School trying to figure out why the boys locker room smelled funny, than you ever will.

Take that PARIAH bullshit out of your sigline, and leave. No one is treating you badly for any other reason than you are a fucking moron. I say that because it's true.

All you do is travel the new up and coming airsoft communities and spout off at the suck about how people need to buy these shitty, crap ass AEGs that are going to fail on them in the first ten skirmishes. Yeah I know you have a couple of expensive ass guns but I don't think I've ever seen you use them. How often do you get out and frequent fucking games and put that shit on the line?

Seriously, I am blowing the fuck up on this one and I know for a fact I am voicing the opinions of dozens.

And EDI, where the fuck did you come from? Did Shade tap you on the shoulder on some other interwebs forum for you to come bail his ass out or what? Before you proceed to climb up and spout shit off at of the blue like that, when Rob and Rogue are both older, veteran airsofters in this community, you might want to make yourself known first before you find your shit on a ban list.

Jesus christ throwing hand grenades at orphans, FML.
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#29964 Airsoft Indiana Representation Meeting

Posted by Sky Marshal Harvest on 08 April 2013 - 07:30 PM

Next dip shit post made in this thread gets banned for 100 days.
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#28416 Indianapolis Indoor Airsoft Opening Day Aar

Posted by Joker on 11 March 2013 - 10:22 AM

1. Anything from 350-450 with proper mask and light full length clothings will leave bruizes and hits. Not one gun of china decent seems to want to come under 350, and frankly the complaint of its to tough is crap. Yeah most of us call our hits, but newbies, people under high stress (like that guy in the jacket who was shaking) wont feel anything less. I have been blasted full auto with guns running 550 it isn't pleasant, but seriously it isn't THAT bad. I feel the FPS limits written a long time ago were from the UK need to stay under legal standards so they couldn't mass murder people. The reality is our guns flux up and down 20+- if something isn't working properly, or your hopup isn't engaging. I am sorry I know thats gonna rub some people I like the wrong way, but the fact is that if girls will play with 400 fps and point blank (had 3 girlfriends who enjoyed and didn't mind 400) what are we comlaining about.

You are not the only one who has been shot with hot guns shooting full auto (or even just semi auto) and I have to disagree that it CAN in fact be THAT bad. If little ass clown jimmy can't or won't call his hits for what ever reason, shooting him with a hot gun is not going to teach him anything about honor. We have to set a positive example. I am the last person you will ever hear complain of FPS rules. If it was stupid and dangerous I have done it at one time or another, I almost lost eye sight due to not wearing eye pro long ago. But that does not change the fact that the same little jimmy that won't call his hits gets blasted in the arm/hand/face/head etc and will cry to mommy and daddy and all of this goes away. Airsoft is a dangerous hobby, and honestly you have a better chance falling and breaking something or twising an ankle than damage being done with bbs. But my concern is not completely for the players, but the business. I would hate for them to be sued over something they had control over just because they were kind of lazy. Accidents happen and lowering their FPS limits will help prevent some of those accidents from happening.

Check this out:

Posted Image

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#28047 What Goes Best With Marpat

Posted by Comrade Wichita on 03 March 2013 - 09:13 PM

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#23765 Real Sword Type 56: Review

Posted by Burchell on 03 January 2013 - 07:53 PM

Real Sword Type 56 Review

Posted Image

RIFLE ARE SLAYING CAPITALIST PIGS, COMRADE (Picture was taken on 15JULY2011 by Ferratus)
Posted Image

-First draft: I remember first writing this thing a year ago.
Last Updated: 12/26/12 - This will be updated constantly, er, well- when it needs to be (problems develop, etc.)
I do apologize for the sheer size of this. I will be using Spoiler Tags for certain pictures, and 2 more posts to help with organization.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Screen cap from Big Altes's video, Operation Northern Lights 3. 6/7/2011.
-Notice my fellow squad member in the background taking a piss? Yeah, that's not relevant to the review.

Posted Image

Ordering: GodFather Airsoft: Avoid them. I had a few small concerns with my order & called them many times. I can't remember exactly what I got when calling them, but no one ever answered. The best part was emailing them 4 times about it and never receiving a message back. Although they did feel to add me to their newspaper after I emailed them.

TL;DR Never order from GodFather Airsoft.

I received this rifle on June 7, 2011. It has been used since then without failure.
Airsoft Version: Real Sword Type 56
Real Version: Norinco Type 56
Manufacture: Real Sword
Type: AEG
Gearbox: Metal: Modifided Version 3
Velocity: 445 FPS +/- 5 FPS with KSC .20g
ROF: Stock configuration gave 14 RPS with a 9.6v battery @ 445 FPS.
Price: When I got it the price was $330. Higher now.
Metal Pieces: They are all steel. Wood parts are wood.
Battery: Stick type in gas tube. Small 2.4v in stock.

Table of Contents:
1) Box/ Packaging
2) Contents of the box
3) Stock FPS & ROF
4) Externals
5) Internals
6) Others+ Pros/Cons- (contains 1st game impression, battery and mag info, Pros/Cons, Durability test, etc)
7) Other Reviews
8) Disassembly on 2nd Post

1) Box/ Packaging/ First Impression

The gun comes in a standard cardboard box, shocker right? Pictures speak louder than words, so here it is:
Here is the picture of the box & when the lid is taken off:

The first thing I see is the gun covered behind a plastic bag and with a lot of nice foam and foam inserts on the magazine, stock, and front end of the rifle. I believe God Father Airsoft was just lazy and decided to just put the bag on the gun instead of putting the gun back in. Removing the plastic bag and foam inserts allows for a much better view of the gun.

Posted Image

2) Contents of the box

After reading quite a few existing reviews on this gun I was expecting to see the wax paper on the magazine, and I did. The magazine is made out of steel and has a very nice finish. It fits nicely in the gun with a little bit of wobble, but feeds nicely. It is a 150rd midcap, but I usually only loaded it with 100-120rds.

Posted Image

The contents included: The gun, magazine, bb loader w/a plastic tube to go over the steel cleaning rod, accessories box (w/ sight assembling wrench, cleaning connector, charging connector, rear sight base assembling wrench, oil can (empty), instruction manual, disassembly & maintenance sheet, RS certificate, and warranty sheet.

Posted Image Posted Image

It was supposed to come with a muzzle adaptor, but GodFather Airsoft doesn’t like to reply to my emails or answer the phone I guess. Luckily, Airsoft Atlanta had the muzzle adaptor & a black flash hider for $9. I bought it.

Instruction manual: 53 Pages. Half in English, the other half in what I can only assume is Cantonese as it was made in HK.

RS Certificate: Shows that the gun met their expectations and even has a velocity & joule rating. It also shows the guns serial number, gearbox number, and its QC approvals. The muzzle velocity was recorded by five shots with .20g bbs, hop up completely OFF, and in 30 degree celcius. Velocity is in M/S.
Shot Number: Velocity: Muzzle Energy in Joules

-1) 133.6 M/S & 1.78 Joules
-2) 134.8 M/S & 1.82 Joules
-3) 135.0 M/S & 1.82 Joules
-4) 134.8 M/S & 1.82 Joules
-5) 135.0 M/S & 1.82 Joules

The average of the five shots is 138.64, if I did my math correctly. Which means it’s average FPS is ~441 w/ .20g bbs. Way too hot.

Disassembly Sheet: The disassembly & maintenance sheet is quite impressive. It’s almost like a poster that tells you how to disassemble your gun step by step w/ pictures and in English.

RS Certificate (left) and Disassembly sheet (right).

Posted ImagePosted Image

3) Stock FPS &ROF

Stock FPS results. Chrono: Beta Master Chrony. BBs: KSC .20g.
10 shots in Semi Auto.
-1) 447.3
-2) 448.1
-3) 445.2
-4) 448.3
-5) 446.2
-6) 449.1
-7) 449.0
-8) 443.3
-9) 443.3 (Might have been an error and showed the last shot)
-10) 442.6
AVG: ~445.24 FPS +/-5 FPS. Very good consistency in a stock AEG.

The ROF test was done using audacity and an Elite 9.6v 1500mah battery. The ROF was about 13-14 RPS. No doubt it will be faster when I add a lower rated spring.

Posted Image

4) Externals:

The externals on this gun are top notch. The gun is made out of steel & with a blued finish along with real wood furniture. Everything is very sturdy & snug. Please see disassembly section for more pictures.

Posted Image
Posted Image

The only plastic I can find on the externals is the rubber bayonet. Which can be removed if wanted & can be replaced with an aftermarket aluminum version for looks.

Posted Image

While attending an out-of state event last year I ran into another Type 56 but this one was the Type 56-1. Here is a picture from Real Sword's website showing the two. The 56-1 has a folding metal stock instead of the full stock like mine. I was able to shoulder it and it felt just as sturdy with very little wobble in the stock if my memory is correct. Please note that this was just a quick observation & your results could vary.

Picture courtesy of http://www.realsword....hk/index0.html
Posted Image

5) Internals:

Honestly, it is built very well. Removing to top cover reveals the battery compartment & part of the gearbox. Notice the automotive spade fuse?

Posted Image

I took pictures when I was inside the gearbox but as of now (writing) I cannot locate them & will just use stock photos. One thing to note is that Real Sword actually made the receiver a little bit smaller than your standard AK AEG so that it would have correct dimensions and this caused the T56's gearbox shell to be a little bit smaller than your average Version 3 Gearbox. I didn't check the shimming as I read that they do a good stock factory job & the fact that is relatively quiet has me in agreement. Gears and piston are proprietary if memory serves me right. Replacements at $10 each, not bad. I believe these are nice internals for a stock gun.

The gearbox is surrounded in nice foam padding on the receiver:


Gearbox picture courtesy of Golgo13's review on Airsoftforums.com
Posted Image

Now I don't like proprietary parts but when they sell spare pistons & gears for $10 each its hard not to like it.

I did have a worry about it's accuracy as I read in Golgo 13's review on www.AirsoftForums.com that the gun comes with the bucking glued to the barrel which causes major accuracy problems. Mine was not this way and I believe they have stopped doing that.

6) Other + Pros/Cons


7) Other Reviews

I like hearing other people's opinions/ multiple reviews for a gun, so why not help out by posting some? Please look at the date posted as these are almost 5 years old for some of them.


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#21692 Breaking In New Nylon Equipment

Posted by Sky Marshal Harvest on 29 November 2012 - 11:27 PM

Breaking in high speed nylon is like breaking your girlfriend in for the first time. You gotta get it good and wet, pound the shit out of it, and then lay on it for a while. Then boom it does whatever you want.
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#23389 Introducing Me....part 2

Posted by Predator48 on 28 December 2012 - 03:13 PM

Hello, I am Scott. My call name is: "The Predator" I have been involved in Airsoft for over 15 Years. I was looking for games closer to home so I went online and low and behold. I found this site. Another reason why I am in this sport is because I am epileptic and couldn't serve in the Military. This was the closest to MILSPEC that I could find. I prefer Urban or CQB. Woodlands is fine but CQB is more in line with today's way of fighting. This new intro is to make up for my 1st intro. No more egotistical sounding or challenge sounding. Just letting everyone on here know me better. I hope this does it.
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